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This book covers the beginnings of the House of the Divine Torch.


1 - Aboard the Wolfship[edit]

The Long Drift
Kavos let out a huff as he worked on the broken Servitor, letting out a growl of frustration as a piece broke off. "Damn" Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he spun around to see his father. Kavos smiled at the pride of his sire, who looked at the servitor. "Trying to fix it yourself?" Kavos nodded "Yes, keeps breaking futher, Father." Alokirasks chuckled. "Go find Virixas, I'm sure he'd help." Kavos nodded, and then took off to find the Kell.

2 - Wolf's Fall[edit]

Wolf Rebellion
Kavos cried out as his arm was spiked through by an Awoken spear, the vandal cowering in the face of the corsair that had him pinned. "Please! I had nothing to do with the Queenbreakers!" The Corsair shook her head and prepared to strike with her sword, before she was suddenly disarmed. She turned around, and took a step back as a large eliksni stepped forth and tossed away her blade. "Leave him alone. He's done nothing wrong." When the Corsair tried to argue, he growled and glared at her. "He's my son. I'll handle him." Alomar pulled the spear from Kavos' arm. "You ok, Kavos?" "I'm alright, father. Can we get going?" Alomar nodded as he carried the smaller Eliksni through the halls of the Vestian outpost as Wolf and Awoken fought, the ancient Eliksni untouched by the fighting as he got onto a skiff, and took his son to safety.

3 - Separated by War[edit]

Taken War

4 - Chained and Bound[edit]

Imprisonment in the PoE

5 - Locked Gates[edit]

Meeting Zikilos

6 - Training Hope[edit]

Meeting Huklok

7 - To Follow a Lord[edit]

Meeting Aulus

8 - Discovering Home[edit]

Finding Torch's Sanctum