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Artemis's Instincts
Accrued Redemption
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Combat Bow

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Olympian Collective
Sol Divisive


"I have placed trust in my instincts, now you must place trust in yours as well."
— Artemis

Artemis's Instincts is a Mythical Combat Bow in Destiny 2: Collapse of Time. It has a chance to drop from the Fall of Olympus raid.

Perk Rolls[edit]

Curated Roll[edit]

  • Curated Roll: High Tension String, Fiberglass Arrow Shaft, Archer's Tempo, & Open Season.

Intrinsic Properties[edit]

  • Precision Frame: Compound bow. Longer draw time optimized for damage. Press while drawn to cancel the shot.

Bowstring Perks[edit]

  • Agile Bowstring: Durable yet light bowstring. Greatly increases handling speed. Slightly increases stability.
  • Tactile String: Stable, high-friction bowstring. Slightly increases accuracy. Increases stability.
  • Elastic String: Excellent snapback. Decreases accuracy. Faster draw time. Slightly increases handling speed.
  • Flexible String: Light and easy to draw. Slightly faster draw time. Slightly decreases accuracy. Increases handling speed.
  • High Tension String: Tightly strung bow. Greatly increases accuracy. Slightly slower draw time. Slightly decreases stability.
  • Natural String: Simple balanced string. Slightly increases accuracy. Slightly increases handling speed. Slightly increases stability.
  • Polymer String: Unbreakable bowstring. Slightly increases accuracy. Slightly faster draw time.

Arrow Perks[edit]

  • Helical Fletching: Aerodynamic and light. Slightly increases accuracy. Slightly increases stability
  • Straight Fletching: Modern fletching for straight paths. Increases accuracy
  • Compact Arrow Shaft: Thinner arrows to maximize quiver size. Increases capacity
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft: Light and stable shaft material.. Increases stability
  • Natural Fletching: Feather-light with good control. Slightly decreases accuracy. Greatly increases stability
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft: Heavy and consistent. Greatly increases accuracy. Slightly decreases stability

Trait 1[edit]

  • Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active.
  • Sympathetic Arsenal: Reloading after a final blow also reloads stowed weapons.
  • Archer's Tempo: Draw time decreases after every precision hit.

Trait 2[edit]

  • Open Season: This weapons deals increased damage against Vex. Kills with this weapon increases this weapon's stats by 20%, stacking up to 4 times. This perk also grants this weapon the effects of Quickdraw, Snapshot Sights, No Distractions, & Killing Wind.


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