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North Channel




"From a forgotten settlement in the west to the horrors of North Channel and Velor. From the wilds of the Breaklands to the hateful cold of Durga."
Teben Grey, listing North Channel as among the many places that fell victim to the crimes of Dredgen Yor

North Channel was a small snow-covered settlement founded after the Collapse on Earth. It was one of several settlements destroyed by the rogue ex-Guardian Dredgen Yor during his spree of destruction and death across the planet.


During the early City Age the citizens of North Channel heard of a large and safe City growing underneath the Traveler but had no means of reaching it. The settlement was eventually attacked by the Fallen and was only barely saved by several Guardians led by Rezyl Azzir, although it suffered heavy damage and several citizens lost their lives. When the survivors emerged in the aftermath of the battle, most decided to depart North Channel and travel under the Guardian's protection to the Last City. However, some elected to remain and rebuild their home despite its isolation and difficulties.[1]

North Channel was eventually rebuilt, but fell to a horrific fate at the hands of its previous savior. Azzir returned to North Channel after his corruption into Dredgen Yor and slaughtered its population, with his actions in the town entering legend as one of his most heinous and well-known crimes.[2] The lone gunman known as Shin Malphur eventually hunted down and killed Dredgen Yor at Dwindler's Ridge in order to avenge his victims, including those killed at North Channel.[3]

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