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Remnant Battleground were added with Forum:Season of Specters.



Battlegrounds with more enemies and only need to infiltrate Remnants

List of Battlegrounds[edit]

Battleground Location Remnant Guardian
Battleground:Nightclub Neomuna, Neptune Forum:Traxovac, Mindeater(Hive Leader)
Battleground: Frostbite Forum:Remnant 2, Europa Havok, Remnant Gaurdian(Stasis Fallen)
Battleground: Hypnosis Mindscape, Ascendant Plane Garal, Hive Officer
Battleground: Spearhead Station 11, Earth orbit Arox, Nezerac’s passion
Battleground:Nova Forum:Remnant 9, Cosmodrome Dravin, 9th Fury