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Cyrus, the Watcher
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Watcher Champion





Combat information


Consensus Reformation


Imago P87
Decay Dartgun
Hunter Knife
Decay Dagger


Initial Immunity
Zen Discharge
Crippled Debuff
Tethered Debuff
Suppression Effect
Vortex Grenade
Stalker's Smoke Bomb
Poison Effect
Blackout Effect
Shadow Vanish
Shadow Dash
Slowness Effect
Disoriented Effect
Plague Dash
Neurospine Grenade
Confusion Debuff
Hunter Double Jump
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Hunters


Cyrus, the Watcher is the head Watcher of the Lightbreakers, and one of the leaders of their Scouting Division, alongside his consort Theola, the Roamer.



Cyrus is equipped with two personal weapons: the Imago P87 and the AP LR44. The Imago P87 is a very-high-impact Hand Cannon that fires slowly, but can kill Guardians in only two shots, while the AP LR44 is a Sniper Rifle that can fire a shot which can bring a Guardian's health down to almost nothing while inflicting them with a debuff that temporarily disables their recovery and resilience. At close range, he will retaliate with a Hunter Knife. When his health reaches 85%, his hand cannon transforms into a Decay Dartgun, rapidly firing toxic darts that inflict poison, slowness, and blackout effects, whereas his Hunter Knife turns into a Decay Dagger, which poisons and disorients its victims. At 70% health, Cyrus will drop his AP LR44 in favor of a Shadowshot bow, which will instantly kill any Guardian as well as tether and suppress anyone that its arrows land by.


Cyrus has one innate ability called Zen Discharge, where he channels energy in his fingertips, and charging it up before releasing a fast-travelling sphere of willpower that can instantly kill any Guardian. At 85% health, he will gain the ability to perform as Plague Dash, teleporting to another location while leaving behind a poison cloud, and can also throw a Neurospine Grenade, which confuses its target upon detonation, causing them to perform different actions than intended. When Cyrus' health reaches 70%, he will gain the ability to turn invisible at will, perform a Shadow Dash on top of the Plague Dash, throw Vortex Grenades in tandem with Neurospine Grenades, and deploy Smoke Bombs that poison and blackout their victims.

Keeping an Eye Out[edit]

Cyrus will initially be immune to all damage due to his personal shield. To drop his shield, a Surveillance Charge will need to be thrown directly at him. The player will start by aiming down sights with any weapon while looking in Cyrus' direction for a certain amount of time. There will be an indicator on the sights that will show how much Cyrus has been scanned. Once the indicator reaches 100%, the player will gain the "Traveler's Eye" buff, allowing them to be able to destroy the security cameras which guard a vault that holds the Surveillance Charge. Once the charge is thrown at Cyrus, his shield will drop and will be electrocuted, temporarily stunning him, allowing Guardians to damage Cyrus for 30 seconds.