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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

About me

I love the Destiny franchise and don't hate Destiny 2 .I love the game but I do admit it won't leave as big a legacy as Destiny. Favorite raid; Wrath of the Machine. My biggest wish for Destiny 2 is to add the ruined Almighty as a playable location. I'm currently writing a sci-fi book called Endless Offense and I'll admit that some of my ideas are slightly based of Destiny content. I enjoy reading very much, writing and playing on my Xbox one S. My clan is called Notts Elite Squadron (sorry for the cringey name).

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Eragon, Harry Potter, Ender's Game, Animal Farm, 1984

Video games

Destiny, Destiny 2, Batttlefield 1943, Transformers WFC, Transformers FOC

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Popping Morgeth.

Worst Destiny moment

Failing an easy 1v1 for my team in Trials on the last match before flawless and losing the game.

Anything else

I'm a lore fanatic. I enjoy playing; Battlefield, Battlefront, Bad North, Dead by Daylight and Overwatch . Favourite Raid; Wrath of the Machine. Favourite ally race; Exo. Favourite enemy race; Vex.

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cool. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


That is as close as I can get with it before it butchers the image or your page bud. I'd suggest making the image inside the infobox a tad smaller so it does not exceed image. I'll try to fix it a bit with css. But not more I can do without wrecking stuff. :/


hey Lord Spectrus! Are you new to this wiki?


Hey, as you can see, the image you provided is a tad small. Might want to get a bigger one. :)


Sure. Do you have a canon background?