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This template supports up to nine Level-3 headings (=== TITLE ===). To add more headings (up to nine), simply add in |title-#=. By default, the list is collapsed. To remove this, place in |state=plain.


Creating a second column

To create a second column, simply specify which |title-#= will be located on the first row of the second column. For example, if there are four sections and title-4 is on the first row of the second column, then specify the following in the template: |secondcolumn=title-4. It will create something similar to the following:


  • Cortana (Data chip only)
  • John-117
  • Locke


  • Forerunner (Technology only)
  • Human
  • Sangheili


  • ONI
  • UNSC
  • Covenant
  • Cerberus


  • D79-TC Pelican
  • UNSC Infinity

Equipment and technology

  • Data crystal chip
  • MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor


  • BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle
  • M6H magnum
  • MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System