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Were Primes really gods? back then?[edit]

I've looked though the Grimoire of the Wolves of Mars, and it states the Primes were never originally Gods. It's possible that were Variks, and this page, really say about them, is that they were: "beacons of hope for the Fallen people in the wake of the Whirlwind", but they just became tools for the Kells and maybe they were made to represent the Traveler, due to Servitors were suppose to be forged in the Traveler's likeness, they were just to act as substitutes for the Fallen, after the Traveler left them. Meaning they were never really meant to be "Machine Gods". stickJoskaa, Lion Kell What's the problem? All in a day's work...well for me, (heh heh) 01:33, February 21, 2020 (EST)