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December 12, 2023

  • curprev 22:5422:54, December 12, 2023OrangeBird3347 talk contribs 824 bytes +824 Created page with "{{Weapon infobox |image=350px |manufacturer= |style= |class= |type=Sniper Rifle |frame=Rapid-Fire Frame |craftable= |patterns= |level= |accuracy= |impact=55 |blast radius= |stability=40 |handling=60 |magazine=5 |feed= |ammo=Special ammo |mode= |rate= |damage={{Icon|Strand}} Strand |range= |velocity= |aim=76 |inventory= |zoom=37 |recoil=54 |intensity= |direction= |service= |affiliation= }} {{Quote|Let us make them love us as much as we were..."