In the Presents of Friends

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In the Presents of Friends
The Dawning quest banner.png


Rise of Iron, The Dawning Holiday Event

Quest giver:

Eva Levante


Learn of The Dawning daily gift boxes in the plaza.


  • Daily: Materials
  • Quest Completion:
    • Snow Dreg
    • Felwinter Souvenir

"They've been so good to me over the years. So patient. Now I'm returning the kindness."
— Eva Levante

Quest steps[edit]

Opening Gifts[edit]

"I'm very good at opening doors, but now I'm wishing I could open presents."
— Ghost


  • Find and open Eva's gifts on the upper Plaza.


  • Random Materials
  • Three books
  • Bag of Dice
  • Colorful Scarf

Giving and Delighting[edit]

"Fine. Today you can call me Little Light. But just today."
— Ghost


  • Carry Eva's gifts to their intended recipients.
    • Present Ikora with Eva's books
"How thoughtful of her. I don't have many gaps in my library, but there are a few. I wonder how she learned that? These are rare and hard to find."
— Ikora
    • Present Cayde with Eva's dice
"Dice, eh? Let's see. That's…snake eyes, two sixes, and two threes. If I try again…snake eyes, two sixes, and two threes. Very nice, Eva. Very nice indeed."
— Cayde-6
    • Present Zavala with Eva's scarf
"Remarkably even stitches, and the finishing is excellent. And she used merino! Ah. Excuse my enthusiasm, Guardian. Please send her my regards."
— Zavala

Making Eva Smile[edit]

"I can just imagine the look on her face. Everyone loves her, but she doesn't know it."
— Ghost

Objectives Bring Eva everyone's Dawning greetings.

Quest Complete[edit]

"Really? What darlings. My heart is full. Here's a gift for you—you didn't think I'd forget, did you? And there'll be more presents in those boxes each day of the Dawning. Go out and have fun."
— Eva Levante


  • Snow Dreg
  • Felwinter Sourvenir