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Valus Tro'orph
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20 ft' 7in

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Valus of the Niribu Psion divition

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The creator of the Almighty prototype



"My Psion helpers! We shall no more fear the Cabal Empire as all their leaders have fallen due to the Risen efforts! Gather together and we shall use the Planet we stand on now to break not only the Risen's walls, but their Planet! Today! Psions will be free once more!"
— Valus Tro'orph rallying his Psions for Earth's and Nirbiu's collision course

Valus Tro'orph is the leader of the Frozen Core Psion Resistance Division or Psion Divition: Resistance located at Niribu or also known as Planet X.


Tro'orph was banished by Calus When he took power and sent the Val and his team on a mission to capture the Frozen Core Psion Division who was resisting summation to the Empire's control. But once they were captured Calus never let Tro'orph back into the Empire. He had to make a stand.

Allies in Arms[edit]

"Hear me my captives! I have made a mistake and because of this, blood has been spilled. I require your help and you require mine! We now share a common enemy and with my help, we may save not just your Resistance, but all of your kind! I will let the Psion race be free once more and you will bathe in riches only that Wretched leader could imagine! Help me help you all to freedom!"
— Val Pro'orph asking for the Resistance's help

Val Tro'orph was alone. All of his army was killed in the war and the Psions were captured but apparently he never met his requirement. The Val finally snapped and went to ask is captives for help. They had accepted the offer and together, the force collectively send Nibiru on a crash course for the Homeworld of the Cabal but Tro'orph had other plans...

The Coming War[edit]

"My Planet shall not be first my brethren, We shall break the Risen first so there is no chance of opposition. Send us to the Sol System."
— Tro'orph directing the Psions

Now the Valus of the Frozen Core, Tro'orph now seeks to break all opposition so Psions and Cabal can be free under his rule by crushing Earth and causing a Global wide extinction of the Guardians. He began to master the powers of the Psions and has gone so insane he thinks he's a Psion himself. While on his way to the Solar System he encountered The Darkness ships just outside the system and began to do war against the mysterious foes.


"They're just outside the system. Valus Tro'orph will break our planet into pieces. But we can't fight, a planet. He rose from a outcast into one of our biggest threats. We've had attacks aimed towards Earth but none have wanted to completely obliterate it. Not even Ghaul wanted that. We must be prepared to face the Psions again. We will not be caught of guard by Cabal again... I won't be caught of guard by them again."
— Ikora Rey

As Nibiru soars closer towards the Systems Ikora, Zavala, and Osiris are trying to find ways to prevent such a fate of total Planet obliteration. Valus Tro'orph has never been seen by the Guardians but his Emissaries have been, The Ice Reapers. He may never reach Earth as his current foes may wipe Nibiru out but no current detailed knowledge of him is known to the Guardians.