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Root of Nightmares

The Gold Network(Raid)


Season of Crimson

Recommended Power Level:



Saturn Orbit, The Golden City


Infiltrate the Crimson Legions fleet and defeat their commanders, freeing the Golden City

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The Gold Net is a raid in Season of the Crimson and takes place at The Golden City.




Traverse the fleet[edit]

After the loading screen there will be dialogue explaining the story,

"Forum:The Crimson Legions fleet has moved into position on Teh Golden City they are our allies, we need to assist them. We can only land you near their ships in space, the city is under siege and not land able."
Zavala You will see three warships. The first you spawn on. Head to the side and you will see a hatch going up. After jumping up you will see giant cannons firing. There will be lots of Cabal and a Legionary titled Ship Captain. They will drop the buff, Ship Code.


  • Traverse the Fleet
    • Navigate The Valus’ fleet.
  • Explore the landing
    • Explore the Golden City for The Crimson Legion
  • Repel the siege
    • Defeat the soldiers and the Siege Goliaths
X out of 5 Goliath tanks defeated
  • Find the arena
    • Enter the Golden City contested zone and find the Arena
  • Evade the beasts
    • Navigate the forests and don’t get caught by the beasts
  • Defeat Valus Tra’jak
    • Valus Tra’jak challenges you, defeat him in the right of proving
  • Breach the bunker
    • Traverse the bunkers maze
  • Destroy the Psionic signal
    • Defeat Zarax, Worthy of the Throne to stop the Psionic signal powering the Land Tank.
  • Ascend the tower
    • Ascend using the elevator and stop any disturbances

X out of 3 disturbances stopped

  • Defeat the mech
    • Stop the Primus’ plans and defeat the war mech.
  • Reap the rewards
    • Receive rewards

Unique Enemies[edit]

Forum:Psion Projector


Forum:Primus Fa’lak

Forum:Valus Tra’jak
Forum:Zarax, Worthy of the Throne
Forum:Psionic Beasts