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Shattered Brood
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Serve and protect Toland


Az'Arak, Sword of Toland,
Shihal, Exalted Queen


Shattered coven


The Shattered Brood is a brood of hive which serve Toland, the Shattered.


The Shattered Brood is a Hive sect which is devoted to Toland, the Shattered. They are primarily based in Toland's ascendant realm, the Shattered coven. They can also be encountered in several missions where they act as player friendly units. Additionally, they can be found patrolling the hive warship which Toland uses as a base of operations.


The Shattered Brood was created when Az'Arak deserted from the Lucent Brood, taking many Hive with him. They first fled to the Moon, but left upon meeting Toland. They managed to obtain a massive Hive warship and have since made it their base of operations. They resurfaced much later following Toland's return to physical form, and made contact with the guardians.

Unique forces[edit]

  • Shattered thrall
  • Shattered acolyte
  • Shattered knight
    • Blade of Toland
    • Shattered Blade
  • Shattered wizard
  • Shattered ogre

Notable Members[edit]

Ascendant Hive


  • Cal'kir, Shattered Blade
  • Sol'Kir, Shattered Blade
  • Huldoa, Ritual exarch