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Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Hand Cannon

Min-max impact:


Min-max stability:

Very High

Min-max handling:


Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:


Fire mode:

Semi Auto

Rate of fire:

180 RPM



Effective range:


Service history

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"Sometimes, it's better to be alone."—Weapon description.

Isolation is an Exotic Hand Cannon that is obtainable in the Season of Blight. It is the personal hand cannon of the Hive Guardian Dorvok, the Lightblade after he joined the Last City.



Another day had passed in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia. Fallen pirates of the House of Devils patrolled the dust-covered lands, briefly engaging with passing Guardians and usually dying in the process.

Far north of the Forgotten Shore, just hidden away from any Fallen or Guardian activity, was a gigantic oil tanker, it's hull caked in rust. This behemoth vessel had been abandoned for centuries since the Collapse, and for a while now only had one single occupant.

In the cold, darkened pump room of the tanker, one could just make out the imposing figure of a Hive Knight, sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. Leaning against the wall beside him was a Fallen Shrapnel Launcher, looted from a Captain he had once slain, and a dark Hive cleaver. A vile weapon in his eyes, but it served him well, so it would have to do.

The Knight himself was covered in golden chitin armor fused with his undead flesh, and wore a sash of Launcher ammo across his chest. He wore a long tattered cape as grey as ash, and lastly, his eyes glowed a pure white color, unlike the green of normal Hive.

But of course, he was no normal Hive.

He rarely ever left the tanker, ever since arriving to Earth. The only time he ever did so was to look for food, in the form of Fallen he'd kill and bring back to his lair. He didn't enjoy devouring aliens, but he didn't want to starve either.

He could hear the sounds of gunfire and explosions echoing from afar, along with the buzzing of Sparrows and occasional cries of dying Fallen. Those were the Guardians, alright. He hadn't seen one for several days now, but he could still hear them.

A Ghost materialized next to him, her eye and the glint of her verdant shell illuminating the dark along with the Knight's eyes. She was his Ghost, his only true companion.

"I hear something's been going on with the Taken lately," she began. She often liked to bring up random topics to start a small conversation. The Lightbearer didn't mind; there was barely anything else to do. "Something about them pulling out of their former footholds, fleeing to the Reef and disappearing."

It's been almost a full year since the Taken War. Since the defeat of Oryx by a team of Guardians, as his Ghost told him. How they could have survived the wrath of a god, he did not know. But he would not mourn the death of the taker of will.

"Why would they go to the Reef?" Dorvok pondered. If he remembered correctly from what his Ghost told him, that was the home of the Awoken. "To plan an attack?"

"Beats me," she replied. "It's odd that they're mobilizing like this. All of their leaders were destroyed, from what I've heard. But so far there's been no sign of hostile activity at all."

"Curious...." the Knight muttered. "Perhaps their leadership was not fully extinguished after all."

The two took a moment to ponder this in silence. The Ghost stared blankly forward. She'd wanted to say something for a while now. She took a breath.

"So....can I ask you something?"

The Knight turned his white eyes in her direction. She met his gaze.

"Why....why do we have to stay in hiding?" she asked. "Do you really have to spend your days alone? Why not go to the Tower? You could hang out with other Guardians, have fun, and even make friends."

The Guardian was silent for a moment. He remembered his time on Earth's moon. Guardians regularly came and went across the lunar surface, but he rarely showed himself. Whenever he did, they would always react to him with hostility and aggression, whenever they didn't actively attempt to kill him on sight. He never knew why until his Ghost told him about his species.

Ever since then he had learned it best to avoid other Guardians at any cost.

"While I do think I could use more excitement into my solitude," he began, "I doubt going to the Tower would be the best idea." He looked downward, sullenly. "They'd never let a Hive in the City."

"Well, maybe not," the Ghost admitted. "But still! Maybe there will still be Guardians who would accept you. You'd never know if you just stay cooped up in here for months." she said in her usual bright tone.

The Knight breathed a heavy sigh. Ever the optimist, his Ghost was. Bordering on naive. It was both irritating and comforting to him. He would be lying if he said he hadn't occasionally thought about what it would be like, to not have to hide, to fight alongside humanity and truly be welcomed as an ally.

But he knew he was better off alone, away from sight. He had grown accustomed to it. A Hive had no true place among Guardians.

He spoke again, the despondency in his voice as clear as day as he remembered all the times he was shot at. "Oh....if only."

There was silence once more. Silence full of statements left unsaid and wordless contemplation.

There was no place for him anywhere.


  • Lone Warrior: This weapon does more damage and allows for faster regeneration of grenade and melee energy if the wielder is not in a fireteam.
  • Strength in Solitude: Precision kills with this weapon while the player is not in a fireteam grant an increase in super energy.
  • Accurized rounds: This weapon fires at longer ranges.
  • Polymer Grip: This weapon has increased handling speed.

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Destiny 2