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The House of Machines was founded by Feriks, The House of Machines Kell. The House of Machines was founded to study and harness Vex Constructs found throughout the sol system. One of the founding eliksni of the house of machines was Selvask, he once led a team to secure a Vex gate with some strange anomalies nearby. While investigating. He managed to find the portal to the black garden on The Moon. When it was found, Selvask saw what looked like to be a swarm of sol divisive vex and their commander. The Desolated Mind, Sol Inherent. And a battle ensued as House Machines and The Sol Divisive. As House Machines started suffering casualties, they had no choice but to retreat. This prompted The Sol Divisive to start a second Vex Offensive with the creation of a new mind. Ergos, The Offensive Mind. Which would command the Sol Divisive against House of Machines. With The Offensive Mind online, The Sol Divisive was reborn and ready to expand beyond the black garden and onto the Lunar Frontier. With The House of Machines realizing they were being targeted, they had to evacuate the moon. Selvask was able to tap into the coms of a nearby guardian to alert them of what's happened with the Sol Divisive. The Guardian was astounded,

The only two things that the guardian could think of for the moment were that a eliksni asked him for assistance and that the Vex of The Garden were attempting an invasion of Luna. As the guardian turned, he saw a massive Vex Structure in the distance. It made the Scarlet Keep look small. Parts of Vex, vines, and radiolaria were hovering closer to each other to assemble a Vex Citadel. A Citadel where Ergos would command The Sol Divisive. The Hydra Axis Mind first started to engage with the hive and fallen that remained on Luna. The Guardian went to his ship and fled back to the city. The Guardian requested to speak to Zavala as soon as possible. As the guardian approached, Zavala had turned around and looked at the guardian. The Guardian said that he witnessed a Vex Citadel created on Earth's Moon. Zavala turned around and said that there was also a disturbance in the coms by that region of The Moon. The Guardian remembered that a new house of eliksni was calling upon the guardian to warn him of this Vex Threat. Zavala then told the Guardian to mobilize a fireteam to strike against The Offensive Mind and stop this Second Vex Offensive.