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Convergence is the NON EXISTENT before last expansion of destiny 2.

Plot: The taken have flooded 3 planets along with opening a huge rift in the middle of the "Nevada Toxic Zone (NTZ)" that is creating a taken build up in the Sol system. The guardian is sent to the NTZ to investigate the taken interference. They find out that the super massive Taken Minotaur ZYDRON is in control of the operation. Stop Zydron from claiming the system! If he does, the darkness wins.

Gameplay: TBD

Adding: Navada Toxic Zone (destination), new rarity (Perfect "red color") Zydron's Throne World (destination), New strikes & 1 new dungeon "name of dungeon (Enclosure)", 1 new raid "Eidolon's Void, new gear & emblems.