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Ember Hadad
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City Herald


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"When I started my research for this piece, I expected to find that Guardians, when not waging war against alien invaders with mysterious paracausal powers, were not too different from their fellow citizens of the Last City. Readers, I was wrong. Guardians dance a lot more than we do."

Ember Hadad was a reporter and senior editor with the City Herald.


Ember began investigating what Guardians did during their off time when not fighting hostile aliens for an article entitled "What Do Guardians Do When They're Not Saving the Solar System?". They expected to find they were not too different from other citizens of The Last City. However, when interviewing Park Soo-Yin and Kweku Aglah, two workers at the Vanguard's headquarters, they learned that Guardians danced a lot, whether alone, in pairs, or in massive groups, sometimes in a suggestive manner.[1]

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