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May 14, 2024

  • curprev 09:4709:47, May 14, 2024TheTrueSorrowMaker talk contribs 687 bytes +687 Created page with "{{Hive infobox |nameBG=#9d6004 |BG= #9d6004 |sectionBG= #9d6004 |lineBG= #9d6004 |name= Dread Unhallowed Wizard |species= Hive |type= Wizards |rank= Major |sect= Grasp of Nokris |purpose= Major Sorcerer |abilities= {{icon|Solar}} Absorption Shield <br> {{icon|Arc}} Darkness Blast <br> {{icon|Kinetic}} Cloud of Darkness <br> High Durability <br> Rapid Flight }} '''Dread Unhallowed Wizards''' are Major class Wizardss within the Grasp of Nokr..." Tag: Mobile edit