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The Lighthouse (social space)
The Lighthouse
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Caloris Spires, Mercury


Achieve a Flawless Victory (9-0) in Trials of Osiris

Player capacity:


The Lighthouse (landing zone)
Curse of Osiris The Lighthouse.png


Fields of Glass, Mercury

Enemy factions:

Red Legion
Unidentified Vex collective

Connecting areas:

Pariah's Refuge

Area type:


Public Events:

Vex Crossroads

Patrol beacons:



"Only true champions of the Crucible dare set foot in these fabled halls."
— Location description

The Lighthouse is a landing zone in the Fields of Glass, Mercury. The highest tower features the base of operations for Brother Vance of the Cult of Osiris, overlooking a major Vex hub and the gateway to the Infinite Forest. Red Legion Cabal, survivors from The Almighty, are frequently deployed via Harvester to harass the Vex.

In Destiny, it was a social space only accessible by achieving a "Flawless Victory" of nine wins and zero losses in the Trials of Osiris Elimination Crucible mode. In Destiny 2 it is [...]


The Lighthouse is a small Vex structure that was deserted for unknown reasons. The area is currently being maintained as an outpost by Osiris's extremely secretive network of disciples. The main point of interest is a large loot chest at the structure's far end that can potentially drop unique Trials of Osiris-themed gear, Etheric Light, Passage Coins, Motes of Light, and Exotic weapons and gear. There are also large deposits of glimmer, abandoned weapons and gear, as well as a dormant ship. Both the can freely leave and return to the Lighthouse at any time until the weekly reset.[1]

The material that makes up the silicate composite crystal that is found on Nessus and Gateway, half the metal is from the material universe and the other half is from some other place.

A team of Guardians working for New Monarchy explored the Lighthouse at one time, but found it to be unsettling, as the Vex influence was still strong and created a sense of deja vu.[2]

Points of interest[edit]

To the left of the entrance is the Weapons Forge; the player can create 10 Osiris-themed weapons and Saint-14's shotgun, Perfect Paradox, by completing Lost Prophecy quests from Brother Vance, which become available after completing the campaign and Adventures for Mercury.

There is a region chest between the entrance and Brother Vance that is locked behind a force field. To unlock this chest, the player must interact with five books found around the Lighthouse in the correct order.



Lost Sectors[edit]


  • At one stage in development, the Lighthouse was named the "Halls of Amentet".
  • Players can also enter a small campsite hidden within the depths of the Lighthouse. There are a few human skeletons with Auto Rifles strewn about, as well as a dead Goblin. The campsite contains no additional rewards other than the large chest.[3]
  • The Lighthouse was originally intended to appear in the original storyline of Destiny. Here, it was a Vex temple where players would encounter Osiris.[4]
  • A Hawk can be found inside the social space.
  • According to Brother Vance, the Lighthouse lacks usable electricity.[5]


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