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Layout guide/Vehicle

A brief introduction about the vehicle's origin. Shouldn't be detailed.


Design details

Includes the description and operation of the weapon/vehicle.

Developmental history

If there is an excerpt of how the vehicle was developed, include this section and the info.


As per title, advantages only. Strategy should be removed.


As per title, disadvantages only. Strategy and tips should be removed.

Operational history

This section covers the history of the vehicle. Needs to include events the vehicle has participated.


If a weapon/vehicle has experience extensive changes (visual or technical), list them out. Avoid redundancy. Subsections' titles should not be italicised!


Brief description of tactics for the weapon.


Campaign tactics listed here. Should be brief and straight-forward.


Multiplayer (Online and Offline) tactics listed here. Should be brief and straight-forward.

Advanced Tactics

Covers the miscellaneous/extra information. Should be brief and straight-forward.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Misc Information, and References should be added here.


All images should be included in the gallery section. Images should not be added in the above sections as it is messy.


List of appearances

  • A list of media the vehicle has appeared in.