Awaken, Queensguard

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Awaken Queensguard
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Season of Defiance

Quest giver:



Rescue Amanda Holliday and other prisoners from the Shadow Legion.




How to unlock[edit]

Earn the respect of Nimbus to obtain the quest.

Quest steps[edit]

Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1. Visit the holoprojector near Nimbus in Neomuna and receive a message.
"An urgent message awaits you on the Vanguard holoprojector."
Speak to Mara Sov
2. Speak with Mara Sov at the farm in the EDZ.
"Mara Sov's message asked that you report to the Farm to aid with the ongoing rescue efforts."
Speak to Mara Sov and Mithrax at the farm
3. Visit the holoprojector at the Farm for a briefing from Devrim Kay.
"Devrim Kay wishes to brief you about the rescue effort in the EDZ at the holoprojector in the Farm."
Speak to Devrim Kay
4. Infiltrate the Pyramid outpost in Defiant Battlegrounds: EDZ.
"Devrim Kay asks that you lead the attempt to rescue the prisoners from the Pyramid outpost in the EDZ."
Free Amanda and the other prisoners from the Shadow Legion
5. Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M
"Log your ongoing rescue efforts at the H.E.L.M."
Claim the Caretaker