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Form an interconnecting empire
Drive out contenders for territory

Average height:


Average weight:



Mutiple Limbs

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

Swift Traversal
Toxic Fury
Pinpoint Mark

Other names:

Moth People


Heterocera is a race of moth-like morphs that seek to form an interconnecting empire for survival as well as drive out those that are contesting on identified territory to claim it as their own.


Heterocera are born from carnivorous larvae that must supply itself with fresh meat in order to survive and grow. Armed with venomous pincers and equipped with three pairs of stubby robust legs, they capture, kill, and store their prey in their own personal chambers, where they are preserved for future consumption. Larvae must consume at least 10 years worth of food, after which they will lay dormant for 20 years more to soak up the nutrients. The more the larva has eaten, the larger they become when they reach adulthood. Their genders are determined by their scent trails. Males are determined by a black, putrid-scented liquid trail, while females are determined by a red, vingar-scented gas trail. What units they enter are determined by history, physiology, and general capability. Those in peak physical condition become scouts; those who are able to stay quiet become assassins, those who are able to think critically become scientists; those who have towering stature become walking tanks.


  • Swift Traversal: Comparable to the Fallen, insects in this unit have sleek bodies and are the fastest of all the Heterocera forces. Their ability to quickly navigate the battlefield earns them the role of scouts.
  • Toxic Fury: Covered in filth and disease much like the Hive, insects of this unit kill their enemies silently with poisonous agents. They are often employed on assassination missions.
  • Pinpoint Mark: With intellectually advanced minds similar to the Vex, these insects use technology and precision in combat. They are used in a breaching role during large-scale assaults.
  • Abominations: Gifted with might and durability on par with that of the Cabal, these gigantic, ugly terrors use multiple limbs to employ several weapons at once. They are a last-resort heavy infantry force that can turn an entire battle around.


  • Skirmisher: The Swift Traversal's military leader always bears this title. They are outfitted with superior armor and weaponry within their faction and have superior speed compared to their lower-ranked brethren.
  • Bane: This title is always granted to Toxic Fury's military leader. They use only the deadliest poisons and can spread them around with ease thanks to their special plague-inducing abilities.
  • Scalpel: The military leader of Pinpoint Mark wears this title. They are the most intelligent of all the Heterocerans and employ the most advanced technology invented by their crews in battle.
  • Mountain: Abominations grant their military leader with this title. They are the strongest of all Heterocerans due to their thick armor and brutally effective combat technology, and are able to command entire hives.

Command Structure[edit]

Swift Traversal[edit]

  • Rusher: The fastest of all the Heterocera forces. Armed with dual Decay Pistols.
  • Pillager: Common riflemen armed with a Decay Rifle that fires ten pellets at a time. Can also throw Decay Grenades.
  • Stinger: Has the highest vertical movement of all the Heterocera forces due to their flight ability. Armed with Decay Blades and equipped with a Decay shield.
  • Shredder: Armed with a Decay Dispenser that charges up and fires high-powered needles at a constant rate of 120 RPM. Has heavier armor than other Swift Traversal troops and equipped with a Decay shield.

Toxic Fury[edit]

  • Rotter: Armed with a Decay Revolver that fires high-powered poison needles that inflict a toxin which cause slowness. Has limited flight capability and is faster than other Toxic Fury troops.
  • Bombardier: Armed with a wrist-mounted Decay Blaster that rapidly fires toxic needles which cause bleeding. Can keep throwing Decay Grenades without pause.
  • Sorcerer: Armed with a Decay Spreader that launches a cluster of needles. Can magically plant down poison clouds and is equipped with a Decay shield.
  • Contagion: Armed with a Decay Thrower that sprays a large cone of paralyzing gas which leaves a potent flame pool if it strikes a surface. Has heavier armor than other Toxic Fury troops.

Pinpoint Mark[edit]

  • Breacher: Armed with a Decay Revolver. Can place down trip-mines that are triggered via laser pointer. Detonations cause blindness.
  • Scorpio: Armed with Decay Projectors that fire Decay bolts with a moderate blast radius. Can place down turrets on any surface.
  • Recon: Armed with a Decay Spiker that fires high-powered, pinpoint accurate needles at a constant rate.
  • Zoner: Armed with a Decay Displacer that fires high-powered Decay bolts which travel in an arc and leave an acid cloud upon impact. Has heavier armor than other Pinpoint Mark troops and equipped with a Decay shield.


  • Troll: Armed with dual Decay Mallets that smash the ground and inflict serious damage and knockback.
  • Destroyer: Armed with a Decay Cannon that fires high-explosive Decay bolts which leave a pool of acid upon detonation. Can grab and throw obstacles and opponents with its offhand arms.
  • Reaper: Armed with a Decay Heavy Blaster that fires needles at a blistering rate. Uses its offhand limbs to hurl high-explosive magic blasts that inflict the slowness effect. Equipped with a Decay shield.
  • Gargantula: Equipped with a Decay shield and has heavier armor than other Abomination troops. Armed with a Decay Barrier and a Decay Cluster Repeater that fires high-explosive Decay cluster bolts at a blinding rate of fire; it also has a Decay Beam function that instantly kills once it locks on. Can smash the ground with its offhand arms to sending out underground shockwaves that travel along the ground and send opponents flying upwards once they make contact.