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Black Heart
Biographical information




Sol Divisive

Combat information


Garden of Salvation


Precision Immunity
Kinetic Immunity
Energy Immunity
Buff Immunity
Debuff Immunity
Damage Reduction
Power Resistance
Elemental Shields
Damage Adaptation
Attack Deflection
Suppression Effect
Weakened Debuff
Power Level Descent
Shocking Effect
Burning Effect
Poison Effect
Attack Deflection
Detainment Bubbles
Suppression Field
Garden's Cleansing
High Durability
Summon Vex


The Black Heart is a living aspect of the Darkness, worshipped by the Vex as a god within the Black Garden, and the final boss of the Garden of Salvation Raid.



  • Lacks a precision weak spot
  • Immune to kinetic & energy weapons
  • Ignores all buffs and debuffs
  • Has a damage cap on its entire hitbox
  • Takes 50% Power Weapon damage
  • Takes double damage from Supers
  • Protected by all energy shield types
  • Resists damage when losing health


  • Suppressive rapid-fire projectiles
  • Weakening explosive blasts
  • Pulse that decreases Power Level
  • Arc beams that inflict shock
  • Solar beams that inflict burn
  • Void beams that inflict poison
  • Carapace that deflects attacks
  • Detainment bubble bombs


  • Energy shields are immune unless the player gains a buff by killing a unit which wields the elemental damage type that matches the energy shield
  • The Black Heart will release a death pulse when losing a shield and it can only be survived if the fireteam finds shelter
  • The Black Heart envelops itself in a carapace when all the energy shields are destroyed and arm dark energy mines that can only be destroyed by elemental cranium weapons gathered by killing the units that wield said elemental damage type
  • Shards of the carapace will constantly rotate around the Black Heart when it is vulnerable to damage
  • Black Heart has health gates at 75%, 50%, and 25%, where it will summon a member of the Sol Progeny, which each have their own traits, attacks, and mechanics