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Is Eris Morn evil?

With speculation of the intentions of Eris Morn at the end of The Taken King we see in the final cut scene that she "has accepted her fate" while taking a relic from the sword of Oryx. What does this mean? There have been many theories that have come to the surface since the release of Destiny: The Taken King on September 15, 2015. And granted this article is purely opinionated and would like other theories within the thread.

Throughout the expansion, we see Cayde playing a huge role as helping us take out The Taken King. We also see more of a charismatic side of Eris as they both play important roles in this expansion. But throughout the expansion Cayde is constantly putting down Eris for sending Guardians on unsafe adventures that could lead to potential threat to The Traveler. Could this mean that Eris has a malicious agenda toward our relatively newly founded Guardians? Or could it mean that she was willing to risk anything to silence the Taken King?

A little back story of Eris Morn is a story that we all know. Eris and a small fireteam enter the Hellmouth to defeat the Darkness in order to recover the Moon to the Light. As we know, "Six came down and one came out". Eris. Now, there have been theories that Eris had sacrificed her fireteam to Crota and lived with the Hive to uncover their secrets. There has also been speculation on how Eris had gotten her green eyes. I am led to believe that in order for Eris to survive in the pit, she had to kill a Hive Knight and use its eyes as her own to see in the dark. Hence why there seems to be black blood flowing constantly from her eyes and why she wears a headdress of sorts.

Now with Eris being in the pit surviving, Commander Zavala and The Speaker have stated that Eris had been changed. Perverted by the Darkness, they believe Eris might have a slight obsession with the taking down of Crota. Even when The Dark Below expansion was released, Eris was highly concerned that the Hive would awaken her enemy and that he would come for her. Now, some could say that Eris could be a double agent. Being amongst the Hive for an extended period of time, knowing how to become an Ascended Hive, there are many chain of events that could say that Eris didn't become a Hive, but one with the Hive. Creating an empathy for the enemy that once destroyed her.

Now, with my own personal theory in mind, I think that Eris has had a malicious agenda since the beginning. We know that Eris is a very smart and bright individual. Now, with the end scene of The Taken King, we know how it ends. I think that since Eris was in the pit, she became obsessed. She started to understand and feel the Hive. Like in previous theories, Eris was one with the Hive. Knowing the ranking and hierarchy of the race. So, since being compulsively obsessed, I am led to believe that Eris is the potential threat to the Traveler. Eris already knows so much. She is part of the Warlock "Hidden" clan to gain other intel for potential threats. Eris could turn out to be the biggest threat the Vanguard has seen. At the end scene, Oryx wasn't destroyed but defeated. Now, with a weak point within the Hive hierarchy, Eris could see this as an opportunity to control both the Hive and the Taken. Knowing all these secrets from the Vanguard; Eris might not be the double agent, but a weapon of the Darkness. Although she is a Hunter, one could say that the Darkness consumed her light, and turned her to the Darkness. Perverting her thoughts and motives. I believe that Eris will be the next threat to the Vanguard. With her intel, experience, and (possibly) Hive and Taken army, this could become the next great Guardian adventure.

Firstly, she works for a number of factions other than the Vanguard, and they probably don't even know she does. She reports to Mara Sov, for one thing, and also is in contact with Osiris; and last, but not least, Ikora employs her as a member of The Hidden. So her being corrupted by the Darkness is a faint possibility, but one not entirely far-fetched. More likely she doesn't trust the Vanguard nor the Speaker for much of the same reasons that many of the players have theorized, that the Speaker has his own hidden agenda and is somehow restraining the Guardians. For me, personally, I think she is legitimately mad but as the saying goes, "there is a method to [her] madness". She has her own agenda, and it someone coincides with Mara's and Osiris in order for her to be working with either one so closely. I mean, how else would she have convinced the Reef to throw all of their forces at Oryx, ostensibly to buy the Vanguard time to react?
Now... I find your theory of... "empathy" for the Hive an intriguing one. As I read it I found myself thinking of Ender and how he was able to love the Formics/the buggers, and therefore destroy them. He understood them as he did himself, knew them as if they were him and he was them; and with that knowledge he destroyed them utterly. Perhaps it is the same with Eris, submerging herself into the Hive so deeply that, rather than losing focus, she became "one" with the Hive yet separate. Toland is one such person, for before she became mad he was the foremost expert on the Hive, and so was Dredgen Yor. I suspect it is the same with those Guardians who're consumed with trying to understand the Vex, the other side of the Darkness coin (so far as we know; the Fallen are just as much victims as we are, and the Cabal are enigmas.
Is this a potential for corruption? Yes... and no. It corrupted Dredgen Yor, but that was because of his perverted weapon, an active relic of the Darkness after he rebuilt it. Toland I don't know. Yet Osiris, obsessed with the Vex, isn't corrupted. Praedyth is another. I think Eris is not corrupted, but the potential is there, a seed of sorts. It remains to be seen if her madness will eventually claim her. She did say "For the first time, the whispers are silent" in the final cutscene of TTK, so I believe she may be free of it; until Oryx's two sisters decide to come to avenge their brother, that is.
It could happen. But no, I don't think Eris is a threat to the Traveler. She lives in its very shadow, and its Light would be stronger there in the City. --Dante the Ghost (talk) 19:40, 14 May 2016 (EST)

Human and Awoken?[edit]

Wait, is she Human or Awoken, because when she (may or may not) had alleigence to the Awoken Queen, and said "I Will Not Fail", possibly talking to Mara. But in the page, it says she's human. I'm confused. stickJoskaa, Lion Kell What's the problem? All in a day's work...well for me, (heh heh) 21:21, November 2, 2019 (EDT)

Embalming Orb?[edit]

Is the stone she carries one of these? Might be worth adding to the trivia section since these are not available as items anymore and the player has no opportunity to ask her.--Cresset (talk) 06:43, November 15, 2019 (EST)