Pyrogale Gauntlets

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Pyrogale Gauntlets
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Pyrogale Gauntlets








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Exotic Engrams


"Reach the combustion point."
— Armor Description

Pyrogale Gaunlets is an Exotic Titan gauntlet introduced in Season of the Witch. [1]


Lord Shaxx watched a Crucible match play out below his announcer's perch, but his mind was elsewhere.

Since the Witness's assault on the Traveler, he'd become uncharacteristically anxious. He had tried to throw himself into the Crucible with renewed vigor, but his preoccupation had proven too difficult to shake.

A sudden flash of Solar Light disrupted his fretting. He sat up and focused on a Titan who was wearing a new piece of kit: some kind of gauntlets Shaxx had never seen before.

Shaxx leaned into the microphone. "Fought like a Titan of the First Pillar!" he boomed. "One minute left. The enemy is out of second chances!"

While his teammates concentrated their rifle fire from under cover, the Titan instead charged directly at the oncoming team.

Shaxx chuckled to himself. "Titans… always thinking with their fists." He waited eagerly to see how the Guardian's gambit would unfold.

As the Titan reached the oncoming fireteam, he leapt into the air, unleashing a halo of Solar flame. When he landed, a furious wave of fire surged forward, immolating the opposing Guardians where they stood.

Shaxx jumped up from his seat. "Look what one Guardian can do with nothing but their Ghost, their weapon, and their Light!" he thundered.

It was the type of triumphant moment that he'd envisioned when he founded the Crucible, and the perfect diversion to take his mind off the Witness, at least for a while.



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