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Wrath of the Guardians


Destiny 4




All across Time-Space


Kill all who have, do, and will pose a challenge to the Cities safety... forever

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"This is it. I never thought that when I revived you that we'd... kill gods, stop uprisings, forge forgotten memories, or make new ones. To be honest I-I never thought we'd get away from the House of Devils or their Archon... But here we are, about to kill the Darkness for good... I'll... kind've miss this... But now's not the time for sorrows! Let's finish this... once and for all... Oh Guardian Mine..."
— Ghost

Wrath of the Guardians is the final mission of the franchise in which the Guardian fights all the bossses in the franchise in a gauntlet. Checkpoints are established so you don't have to worry about quiting the mission.

The Challenge[edit]

The gauntlet will go from Rahn, Devil Captain, all the way to The Final Shape. Slightly increasing in difficulty with each fight.