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Sly Weenis or Something
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Wait what does sly weenis have to do with this? And why is it all out of order?!?!?!



Why the fuck did you make this


Maybe cause I needed to take a tiny break from doing all that otherworldly possibility stuff


Bruh you still got that exiled taken page you never done. And the RoadRider rework


Fair enough


Your skill issue

Combat information


I'll probably delete the exiled taken one and start reworking RoadRider. I wanna make funny shitty boss for now


Gaze of some guy
mediocre summon
immunity at literally the worst times
Trash exploits
some other bullshit idk


"This lazy author got bored and didn't even finish the se-"
— Saphix after having a book thrown to his face

Sly Weenis had a normal life. Hell it had a safe life. Once it walked the plains of existence to find a way not to be sly, for it didn't like being sly. It loathed being sly. Then one day he came across Saphix who got so horrendously horrified by its appearance that he fucking ran and called off the Malevolence just from the sheer ugliness from it. That's about it for this guys life lol