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Paradigm of Light


Destiny 2




The Other Universe
Universe of Light, Unknown Space

The Light consumes All.

The Paradigm of Light is a Raid located in Unknown Space. It is a fan-made raid. It consists of two parts: the first part is the pre-quest called Universe of Light. The second part is the raid proper.


Paradigm of Light takes place in an alternate universe where the Light has run rampant, and the universe is plagued by hostile variants of the Traveler called Oppressor Moons pursuing a benevolent Darkness pyramid called the Rememberer. The Star Horse was contacted by a defector from the Light with the hope of gaining an advantage against the Oppressor Moons in a running battle, which it answers by enlisting the aid of the Guardians from the Last City.


Universe of Light[edit]

Paradigm of Light[edit]



The pre-quest can be picked up from Xur in Unknown Space. You will be given a short distress call from a human called Kestrel the Lightlost, calling for aid from the Eliksni House of Memories and the Cabal Athanaeum Fleet. Xur will tell you that neither of those groups will answer the call because they have been “consumed by the Light”. He will instead direct you to commune with the Star Horse directly.

After speaking to the Star Horse and collecting the quest, there will be a new destination in Unknown Space called ‘Universe of Light’. It’s recommended that the mission be done in either a 3-man or 6-man fireteam, as the difficulty of the mission will scale up for groups of 4 or higher.

Perilous Mortality[edit]

“What happened here? There’s so much Light. I feel right at home, but… This Light feels… wrong? It feels… hostile… Hungry.” – Ghost

At the start of the mission, you will load into Perilous Mortality, a large zone with three domes spread across the map. Initially, one dome will be lit up, and an emergency broadcast will play to all Guardians in the fireteam:

“Alert: Hostile Oppressor-forms approaching outer rim. Standby defensive units immediately. Alert: Unknown Oppressor-forms detected on rear flank. Paracausal suppressors authorized for rear flank deployment.” – Public Warning System

“Are they talking about us?” – Ghost

Your first objective is to defend the dome that has a red warning symbol lit up above it. Each dome has a large console inside that displays a map of the zone and the status symbol of the other two domes. You will need to use this to identify which dome to go to next.

The first wave will only target one dome, though the specific dome is random. During the wave you will encounter Vex using Solar Weapons and Fallen using Void weapons. Both of these enemy types will have units that use either Void or Solar shields. You will also encounter an exclusive Vex subtype called the Protégé, a nimble Vex warform that will attempt to quickly flank you whenever it spawns.

Allowing enough damage to occur to this first dome will cause the fireteam to wipe. The second wave will not begin until all of the enemies in the first wave are defeated.

The Public Warning System will sound an alert again when the second wave begins. The second wave will target another dome in the zone, which can be seen on the large map console of the dome you are already inside of. You will be able to quickly move to that dome using the teleporters.

“Wait, that Vex! It’s using the Light! The Vex are using the Light!” – Ghost

About a quarter of the way through the second wave, a unique Minotaur Champion called Lightborn Minotaur will arrive. It will be glowing white and teleport aggressively to avoid damage. This Minotaur is similar to its Darkness Champion counterpart in that it can be stunned with Overload. What makes this Minotaur unique is that if it dies while glowing, it will leave behind a Light Soul.

Supplicants will spawn and rush towards the Soul to sacrifice themselves in order to resurrect the Minotaur. After resurrection, the Lightborn Minotaur will have a short period of time where it will not be glowing. Keeping the Supplicants from reaching the Light Soul until the end of the wave, or killing the Minotaur during this non-glowing window, will permanently destroy it.

From the second wave onwards, allowing any of the glowing Lightborn Minotaurs to reach a Logic Terminal platform at the entrance of the dome they are attacking will cause a Critical Logic Failure event after a short period where that dome’s defenses will turn hostile towards you, and will count as that dome being destroyed. A warning will be sounded when a Lightborn Minotaur reaches the platform. Destroying the Lightborn Minotaur will delay the event until it resurrects and gains its glow again.

From the third wave onwards, the number of domes under attack and the number of Lightborn Minotaurs at each dome will differ based on the number of Guardians in the fireteam.

Dome Attack Distribution
Number of Guardians Domes under attack Number of champions at each dome
1 1 2
2-3 2 2
4-5 3 3
6 3 4

Losing a dome after the first wave does not cause the fireteam to wipe, but it will redirect the enemies meant for that dome to one of the other two domes, making it twice as hard to defend them. This will repeat for another fourth wave as long as one dome remains functional.

If the domes have been successfully defended at the end of the fourth wave, the Public Warning System will announce the arrival of the mission boss.

“Alert: Hostile Oppressor-form necromancer detected in outer rim. Engage counter-necromantic protocols immediately. Repeat: Hostile Oppressor-form necromancer detected.” – Public Warning System

The boss wave will target only one dome, and will be headed by Elenume, Bearer of Gifts, who will be flanked by three to six Lightborn Minotaurs. Elenume will resurrect these Minotaurs herself a few seconds after any of them dies, and they will respawn without the non-glow window.

When the boss wave begins, the map inside the dome will change its symbols to a circle signifying their Paracausal Suppressor charge. Each surviving dome will have its own charge circle. When a Paracausal Suppressor is triggered, it will temporarily stun all Lightborn Minotaurs and force Elenume into a prayer animation. The surrounding Vex will turn and move towards Elenume to sacrifice themselves. If any of them reach Elenume and sacrifice themselves to her, the Lightborn Minotaurs will immediately recover and Elenume will exit her prayer.

To defeat Elenume, you will have to trigger the Paracausal Suppressor to expose Elenume’s vulnerable spot. Taking the time to destroy the Vex approaching her will extend the damage phase significantly, especially because any Vex in the process of sacrificing themselves will also take a few seconds to do so. However, you must leave at least one non-Lightborn Vex alive, as killing the final Vex will cause a ‘Cursed by the Light’ debuff that will wipe the fireteam after six seconds.

Elenume will not move to another dome until the dome she is attacking is destroyed. In order to cycle the Paracausal Suppressor from one dome to another, you will need to teleport to another dome to initiate a transfer. Once the transfer has been initiated, you will need to teleport back to the dome under attack to accept the transfer. Doing this with two Guardians will be faster, as one Guardian can initiate the transfer while the other one accepts it. However, if the transfer is initiated from both of the other two domes, the system will enter panic mode and require a moment to restart, delaying the next damage phase.

Once the transfer is accepted, the domes will begin channeling energy from the sending dome to the receiving dome. As this happens, Vex Proteges will spawn and try to intercept the transfer. Allowing them to do so will lose half the charge on the sending dome and terminate the transfer, forcing you to initiate and accept the transfer from the other dome instead.

Having all three domes surviving and preventing the Proteges from interrupting the transfers will bring down Elenume in the fastest way possible. The encounter will end when all of her attendant Lightborn Minotaurs are destroyed after she dies.

Pillars of Light[edit]

“What the hell? Are you the ones that killed Elenume?” – Kestrel the Lightlost

“[Majestic whinny]” – Starhorse

“Huh. I guess I shouldn’t have doubted the Horse. My name is Kestrel. You Lightborn aren’t from here, are you? The Light suppressors didn’t affect you. If you’re here to help… We’re just trying to survive right now. Those Lightborn are being led by an Axis Mind. I’m assuming you know what those are. Take it down and buy us some time. I’ll have some Knowledge for you once these people are safe.” – Kestrel the Lightlost

In order to proceed to the next area, each Guardian in the fireteam has to interact with the Light Souls left behind by the Lightborn Minotaurs. Doing so will give the Guardians a buff called ‘Light Soul’, and when all Guardians present have one the giant Vex gate at the northern edge of the zone will turn from red to white, allowing you access.

Moving through the gate will bring you into Vex space, Pillars of Light. A short distance in, a Crux of Darkness will appear momentarily and display the Guardian and Enter symbols from Vow of the Disciple. It will then disappear, and a doorway will open.

Move through the doorway and navigate the jump puzzle. Along the way you will encounter fountains of radiolaria. These fountains will give you a temporary buff called Amnesiac Tyranny which will replace your Light Soul. You will know this buff is active when the Soul floating on the right of your screen has rings rotating around it. You will need this buff to move through the security fields scattered along the path. If you fall to your death, or get killed by a security field, you can reclaim your Light Soul and Amnesiac Tyranny again at the last radiolaria fountain you were at.

You will also encounter four Obelisks of Light as you move through the jump puzzle. These Obelisks will each have a symbol from the Vow of the Disciple raid. Take note of each of these symbols.

When you get to the end of the jumping section, there will be five gates. The Darkness Crux will appear again with the symbol for Knowledge. It will then display a symbol over each gate. Enter the gate with the symbol that was not seen on the Obelisks of Light.

Objective Identity[edit]

Move through the long hallway until you reach the tall door. Once everyone in the fireteam is present, the Darkness Crux will appear and show you the symbol for Enter. The door will open into an arena with six platforms around it, with the Hydra Axis Mind, Proton Hex, with a full wraparound shield in the middle. The Darkness Crux will also teleport inside and project a circular field under it, showing the symbol for Commune.

To start the encounter, everyone in the fireteam must be inside the Darkness field. The encounter differs depending on the number of Guardians in the fireteam.

4 to 6-man Fireteam

Once everyone has stepped in, one Guardian’s Light Soul will become a Resonant Soul, turning orange and black, while the other Light Souls will turn into Corrupted Light Souls and look like miniature Taken orbs.

The Guardian with the Resonant Soul will be able to see three of the six platforms lit up with Light and the other three lit up with Darkness. They will need to take note of which platforms are Light or Dark.

Meanwhile, the other Guardians must hunt down a Lightborn Minotaur and destroy it to collect its Light Soul. Doing so will spawn either a Fallen Lightstealer Captain or a Vex Darkhunter Protégé. The Lightstealer/Darkhunter will go to a specific platform and begin channeling either the Light or the Darkness, during which every Guardian with Corrupted Light Souls will be suppressed. The Lightstealer Captain will always go to a Light platform, while the Darkhunter Protégé will always go to a Darkness platform.

If the Lightstealer spawned, the Guardian that picked up the Light Soul must land the final blow on it to release the suppression effect. Doing so will cause three of the remaining four Corrupted Light Souls to turn into one Light Soul and two Resonant Souls. The two Guardians with the Light Souls must stand on the two Light platforms that the Lightstealer did not go to, and the Guardians with the Resonant Souls must stand on the three Darkness platforms. These guardians will have the Sheltered effect. Once everyone is in position, the last Guardian with the Corrupted Light Soul must approach Proton Hex to break its wraparound shield and begin the damage phase.

The process to get to damage phase is similar if the Darkhunter spawned, with the difference being that the three Corrupted Light Souls will turn into one Resonant Soul and two Light Souls instead.

Damage phase will last for a few seconds and can be extended by finding and killing a Lightborn Minotaur. Rinse and repeat until Proton Hex is defeated.

Solo or Two/Three-man Fireteam

Stepping into the Darkness field will turn your Light Soul into a Corrupted Light Soul. Either a Lightstealer Captain or Darkhunter Protégé will spawn. Killing it will grant everyone in the fireteam either a Light Soul or a Resonant Soul, and they will be able to see the three Light and Darkness platforms. At least one person will have a Resonant Soul.

Once everyone is on their associated platform, the Darkness Crux will appear in front of them and show them a symbol. Stepping off the platform will cause the symbol to disappear, and four to six Darkness Spikes will appear around Proton Hex’s shield. Shoot at the Spike that shows the symbol you saw. Repeat this two more times to break the wraparound shield and begin the damage phase.

The damage phase can be extended by having a Guardian with a Resonant Soul find and destroy a Lightborn Minotaur that will spawn during each damage phase.

Once Proton Hex is defeated, you will gain access to the Paradigm of Light raid destination in Unknown Space.


“It’s you. Good. I don’t like throwing new allies into the meat grinder, but we just found out that the Light lost more than just an asset here with Elenume. They’re not raising any new Lightborn anymore, which means we may have an opening to stop this invasion in its tracks. Help us end this. Please.” – Kestrel the Lightlost


“Kestrel here. Remember, the Lightborn here still have their Light and can come back from death. I know you, uh, Guardians? You have ‘Ghosts’ to resurrect yourselves, but we don’t have that here. Purge the Light when you kill them. Put them in the ground permanently.” – Kestrel the Lightlost

You will load directly into the first encounter at the start of the raid, into the hangar bay of the Apeirion. After dealing with the enemies here, the fireteam should split into two groups of three, with each group going left and right respectively.

In each set of rooms, one of the rooms will have a Lightborn enemy depending on what race of enemies is in that room: Lightborn Minotaur for Vex, Risen Captain for Fallen, and Lucent Wizard for Hive. They will leave behind a Light Soul what will resurrect when the race’s associated kamikaze unit sacrifices itself to them. Like in the Universe of Light mission, these champions will have a short period of non-glow time where they can be defeated permanently. Upon defeating the Lightborn, a Darkness Crux will form and show three symbols. These symbols must be read out to the other group in the opposite room.

The second group must find and kill an enemy that will be holding onto a Scanner augment from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. One Guardian must pick up the augment to be able to see several symbols across the terminals in the room. Care must be exercised here, as dying or losing the Scanner augment will lock that Guardian out of using the augment for the rest of the encounter. This Guardian can exchange positions with another Guardian in the other room using the teleporter.

The Guardian with the Scanner augment must call out the positions of the three symbols on the terminals that the first group relayed to them. The first group must then interact with the called terminals in quick succession before the doors to the next set of rooms will open and the timer extended. Interacting with the wrong terminal, letting the timer run out, or not interacting with all three terminals at the same time will trigger a self-destruct and wipe the fireteam.

Each pair of rooms is mirrored, so if the terminals in the left-side room are numbered from left to right, then the terminals in the right-side room are numbered from right to left, and vice versa. This will continue for three more sets of rooms for a total of four sets. When the final set of doors are open, an emergency alert will sound over the ship’s intercom and both groups will be funneled down a corridor into the next encounter.

Helm of the Herald[edit]

“Is that… Zavala?” – Ghost

“Zavan Lar. Herald of the Remaker. I don’t know if you know him in your universe. Even if you do, this one’s not your friend. He’s murdered entire civilizations to build armies for the Light. Put him down, for Memory’s sake.” – Kestrel the Lightlost

The second encounter is set in a large arena where you will face off against Zavan Lar, Herald of the Remaker. To complete this encounter, he must be defeated.

Zavan Lar can be damaged throughout the encounter but will go through a cycle of action phases during which his damage resistance will increase or decrease. The enemies in this encounter are primarily Lucent Hive but can also have human Lightborn Warlords spawn in as reinforcements.

Fireteams should split into two groups of three again, where one team will deal with Zavan Lar while the other will hunt for Swordbreaker Hive Knights to claim a Swordbreaker Anthem buff. The encounter starts when Zavan Lar is shot. This will cause him to cast a Thundercrash towards a random Guardian. Zavan Lar can be stunned during a Thundercrash by dealing damage to him with a Hive weapon, or while having the Swordbreaker Anthem buff.

For the distraction team, throughout the encounter, Zavan Lar will continue using abilities and attack with a wave-form grenade launcher and an aggressive-frame rocket launcher. He will never run out of ammo or ability energy, so keep your distance and try to stay behind cover. He will continue to focus on one Guardian until that Guardian stays behind cover for too long and another Guardian is visible, at which point he will switch focus to that Guardian. To bring his attention back to you, shoot him until his shields are extinguished.

For the Swordbreaker team, getting the Swordbreaker Anthem buff on all three Guardians is critical to progressing Zavan Lar’s action phase. Once this happens, Zavan Lar will blink back to the center of the arena and cast a Ward of Dawn. The bubble is extremely tanky and will take several shots from heavy weapons to break. Ascendant Hive Knights will spawn into the arena and rush to pick up cleavers that will appear on podiums in each of the four corners of the room. Only Guardians with the Swordbreaker Anthem can damage these knights.

Kill all four Ascendant Knights and grab the cleavers from the podiums. When this happens, Zavan Lar will begin calling for reinforcements. Kill enough of the surrounding Hive to build up the Super on the Ascendant Cleavers, then activate the Super on the three circles that appear around Zavan Lar simultaneously. This will grant everyone in the fireteam a Pact of The Sword buff and stun Zavan Lar, leaving him vulnerable to large amounts of damage. If this is done fast enough, you will skip the reinforcement phase and not have to deal with a Lightborn Warlord.

If Zavan Lar successfully calls in a Warlord, make sure to keep them dead as often as possible. The Warlord will only use one Light subclass’s abilities based on their class: Arc for Warlock, Solar for Hunter, and Void for Titan. They will continue resurrecting until Zavan Lar is dead.

When Zavan Lar recovers, he will release a strong knockback that will push you away before he casts his Thundercrash again.

This cycle of action phases will repeat three times before Enrage, and if Zavan Lar is not killed by the time he recovers a fourth time he will cast a permanent Sentinel Shield and hunt down each fireteam member until everyone is dead.

Once Zavan Lar is dead, a Crux of Darkness will appear over his body and show the symbol for Grief. Then a Darkness portal will open at the back of the room and lead you into the next encounter.

Viral Epiphany[edit]

“Who are these vessels you bring into our domain? They are free of their past, but their Light is fragile and tainted. What have you done to our Gratefully Gifted, O Unliving Traitor? Never mind! We will meet soon enough, fellow Lightborn. Let us revel in our infinities.” – Anathema, Lightborn

“I don’t like that voice, Guardian. Not one bit.” – Ghost

This encounter is similar to the first, but the Scanner augment is replaced with the Light Soul, and a mechanic called Oppressive Light is included in the mix. To complete this encounter, the fireteam must work through four sets of three rooms, the first two of which take place on the ship while the last two take place inside cavernous locations in an Oppressor Moon. Split the fireteam into three groups of two and have each team go through the three doors in the room. The encounter starts once any of the doors open.

Once inside, one of the rooms will have a Lightborn Minotaur that must be killed for a Light Soul. Collect the Light Soul before a kamikaze unit can resurrect it. Once the Light Soul has been collected, a Darkness Crux will appear in one of the other two rooms. Each room will have a teleporter going to the other two rooms. The Guardian holding onto the Light Soul must stand on the teleporter at the same time as another Guardian in the room where the Darkness Crux appeared. This will switch their positions.

As soon as the Light Soul holder arrives at the Crux room, the third group will have a terminal light up in their room. An Obelisk of Light will also spawn in that room, causing them to gain stacks of Oppressive Light, which will kill them if it reaches ten stacks.

The Light Soul holder must read the symbol that will appear in front of the Darkness Crux and relay it to the third group. The third group will read which symbol is associated with which room and exchange a Guardian with that room. Once the Guardian with any number of stacks of Oppressive Light is in the correct room, the Light Soul holder will be able to see another symbol appear at the Crux. They will need to relay this symbol to the Oppressive Light holder, who will need to go to the corresponding symbol in the room to expunge their Oppressive Light stacks.

Oppressive Light stacks can only be removed by expunging at terminals in this way, but doing so at the wrong terminal will wipe the fireteam. The other fireteam member that was in the room with the Obelisk of Light will carry their Oppressive Light stacks to the next room.

If the Oppressive Light stacks are expunged at the correct terminal, a portal will open in each of the three rooms that will lead to the next set of rooms. This process will repeat three more times until the fireteam arrives at a large room with a blazing chalice in the middle surrounded by Vex and Fallen. Everyone in the fireteam will begin gaining Oppressive Light stacks, so quickly kill all of the enemies present and then interact with the chalice to expunge your stacks. Once all living Guardians have expunged their stacks, the flames will turn blue and funnel down through the pipes to the rest of the room.

Forge of Light[edit]

“Good! You have arrived, and you have filled my Forge! Come, let us reforge you. Your absolutes shall be consumed, your infinity expanded. Your gratitude will be immeasurable!” – Anathema, Lightborn

This is the final encounter of Paradigm of Light, where you will face Anathema, Lightborn. Moving into close proximity to Anathema will trigger him to strike his anvil, sending a shockwave of Light outwards and giving everyone in the fireteam one stack of Oppressive Light, thus beginning the encounter.

In order to damage Anathema, the fireteam must first move him away from his forge. To do this, the team must first find and kill a Lightborn Minotaur to obtain its Light Soul. The Guardian who picks up the Light Soul is the Reader.

Once the Light Soul is picked up, Anathema will strike his anvil again, creating another shockwave and adding another stack of Oppressive Light to everyone. The Reader will be able to see which of the four chalices around the room have Light and Darkness in them. Three of the four chalices will have the same type of energy. The Reader must go to the chalice with the mismatched energy type while three other Guardians head to the other three chalices. They must activate the chalices together, and by doing so will become charged with Light or Darkness, depending on what was in the chalices. When this happens, the Reader will lose their Light Soul buff, and one of the remaining two fireteam members will have to get a new one.

Anathema will strike his anvil again when the Guardian gets a new Light Soul, leaving everyone with three stacks of Oppressive Light. The new Reader will now be able to see the four terminals in the middle of the arena lit up as Light or Darkness. The Reader only needs to call out the odd terminal out. Each Charged Guardian will then need to deposit their Light or Dark Charge at the corresponding terminal. If done correctly, this will send a shockwave through the pipes below towards Anathema’s anvil, causing it to glow and explode, knocking him down onto the arena.

If a callout is incorrect, or if the deposit does not happen within a small window of time from the first one, a shockwave will emanate from the terminals and push everyone away from it while also adding a stack of Oppressive Light to the fireteam.

Now that Anathema is on the ground, he can be damaged. He will charge straight at the fireteam and attempt to deal damage using his bladed arms. If he cannot do that, he will summon warps of Light to barrage the fireteam with Solar and Arc damage.

Anathema will eventually roar as he charges with energy, at which point everyone must get close to him and melee him to expunge their Oppressive Light stacks. As long as the melee attack does damage, it will count as a melee hit. Anathema will then teleport back to his anvil, from which point each of his strikes will add two stacks of Oppressive Light instead.

The added stacks will continue increasing per strike with each successive damage phase, until it becomes impossible to reach the next damage phase because Oppressive Light will read 10 stacks before it. Therefore, Anathema must be defeated within three damage phases for flawless completion, as the only other way to lose Oppressive Light is to die.

If enough damage is done to trigger Anathema’s Final Stand, he will still roar to allow you the opportunity to expunge your Oppressive Light. After a brief moment of invulnerability, he will begin releasing large amounts of Light, causing you to gain stacks of Oppressive Light over time. Your abilities and super will also recharge rapidly, so use them to put down Anathema for good.

Unique Enemies[edit]

Paradigm Vex[edit]

House Oppression[edit]

Lightborn Warlords[edit]






Universe of Light[edit]

  • Who Needs The Light? – Complete Universe of Light flawlessly.

Perilous Mortality[edit]

  • My Darkness Is Stronger Than Your Light – Defeat Elenume, Bearer of Gifts either solo or as a fireteam composed of only Darkness subclasses.
  • Benevolence Over Oppression – Defeat Elenume, Bearer of Gifts either solo or as a fireteam composed of only Light subclasses.
  • Speed Of Darkness – Defeat Elenume, Bearer of Gifts using only a single activation of the Paracausal Suppressor.
  • Don’t Touch That Wire – Stun and destroy Lightborn Minotaurs only after they begin accessing a refugee dome’s Logic Terminal.

Objective Identity[edit]

  • No Gods, No Masters – Do not allow any of the Lightstealers or Darkhunters to channel their powers.
  • Gestalt Countermeasures – Defeat Proton Hex, Gifted Mind, while killing only Paradigm Vex and Lightstealer Captains.
  • Lay The Fallen Low – Defeat Proton Hex, Gifted Mind, while killing only House Oppression Fallen and Darkhunter Proteges.
  • Champions of Memory – Either solo or as a fireteam, defeat Proton Hex, Gifted Mind using only Darkness subclasses.
  • Consumed Whole – Either solo or as a fireteam, defeat Proton Hex, Gifted Mind using only Light subclasses.

Paradigm of Light[edit]

  • Forge Extinguished – Complete Paradigm of Light.
  • Remember Me – Retrieve all of the Rememberer’s shards.


  • Elite Codebreakers – Never lose the Scanner Augment in the Apeirophobia encounter.

Helm of the Scourge[edit]

  • Not My Commander – Prevent Zavan Lar from calling for reinforcements.
  • The Sword Logic – Defeat Zavan Lar using only Ascendant Hive Cleavers, or weapons obtained from the King’s Fall and Crota's End raids.
  • I Choose You, Worm God! – Stun Zavan Lar each time he uses his Thundercrash after a shield break with any exotic weapon built from Worm gods – Whisper of the Worm or Parasite.
  • My Void Is Deeper Than Yours – Defeat Zavan Lar as a fireteam composed of only Void subclasses.
  • Lightning Offensive – Defeat Zavan Lar as a fireteam composed of only Arc subclasses.
  • Mortal Constancy – Do not allow any Warlords to be active for longer than 10 seconds at a time.

Viral Epiphany[edit]

  • Maximum Load Capacity – End the Viral Epiphany encounter with at least three Guardians depositing 9 stacks of Oppressive Light into the Forge.

Forge of Light[edit]

  • One Disciple To Another – Defeat Anathema, Lightborn as a fireteam using only weapons obtained from either the Vow of the Disciple or Root of Nightmares raids.