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Nexus Cleavage


Conquer and annihilate the other Vex collectives
Maintain the dimensional stability

Axis Minds:

Cignil, Siphoned Cold
Khimos, Lamp Unclosed
Auchtinuvar, Enclosed Stabilizer


The Infinite Forest


"We follow a greater purpose beyond the comprehension of those in the physical plane. Everywhere in reality, something is bringing a greater threat, one which all will fear. This threat is what we were created to defend against. We secure these confines of space and time to ensure the survivability of everything."
— An unknown Vex database

The Nexus Cleavage is an empire of Vex-like beings whose directive is to control the dimensional stability why simultaneously taking other Vex collectives. After the Eternal Crusade, they became a small legion while they continued their order.



After an unexpected burst of exponential dimensional rifts, the Harbingers created a surplus of vessels in order to sustain the stability of each individual dimension. Trillions were spread out across the realms, each creating a layer in the borders, relating information to each other through the inter dimensional energy. Through this a sequence of commands were given and repeated: contain and convert the radiolaria, use them as an adhesive for the borders, siphon the remnants of drifting energy, and coalesce a rift from the harvested source. This was the established plan, which was continued for eons, until the eventual end of the Harbingers, all until one remained. Eon, the proclaimed End had not noticed the harvesters until then, but could not traverse any dimension because of it. In a turn of anger, he unleashed hounds and dimensional abominations onto the machinations, destroying billions and causing the borders to weaken. Ultimately the remaining groups of the Nexus Cleavage were separated across the realms, and formed smaller collectives. This would be the first time their commands would be compromised, and would result in another: integrate native Vex collectives and form a legion with enough Vex to retake the boundaries.

The Collapse[edit]

When this dimensional counterpart of the Nexus Cleavage appeared in the Sol System, it was directly before the Collapse, a catastrophic event of both the Darkness and the Light. During this time the Nexus Cleavage quickly set into action, hiding in deep space in order to prevent their detection. During this time the Nexus Cleavage prepared numerous vessels and harvesters in order to move as quickly as possible.


Since these Vex are not true Vex, they do not follow the same lines as such. However they do have their own watchers per dimensional force. One such watcher would be Auchtinuvar, Enclosed Stabilizer, a watcher designed to measure the upcoming mass of energy and stabilize it to be used. These beings follow the lines of reality itself, balancing and fixing the borders constantly. They were created as reality's first line of defense in the event that it started break apart. Currently their objective is to connect with other divisions of the Nexus Cleavage, and hopefully regain their borders and bring Eon's downfall. Their current location is on Triton, where they have almost succeeded in the conversion of its form into that of a machine world fitting of their work.

The Vanguard has not yet designated the Nexus Cleavage a threat, but has warned guardians not to interact with these beings. As of now their programming has been partially changed. Until their conquest against Eon is over they have begun to attack other Vex collectives.

Notable Individuals[edit]


Saphix, Totality Unclear: Leader

Xomathocan, Eternal Vexation: Former Leader; High Commander

Frontal Generals[edit]

Cignil, Siphoned Cold: General Of The Europa Division

Khimos, Lamp Unclosed: General Of The Mars Division

Auchtinuvar, Enclosed Stabilizer: General Of The Inter-spacial Defenders

Vantivar, Equational Complex: General Of The Mercury Division

Enclosed Strategists[edit]

Nesyuloto, Knowledge Awakened: Tactician Of The Europa Division

Hiloquta, Formulated Symphony: Tactician Of The Mars Division

Command Structure[edit]

  • Goblin - multipurpose constructs that act as cannon fodder which rely on swarming to overwhelm their targets. Most commonly armed with a Slap Rifle, but can also been seen with a Torch Hammer (rare), or a Line Rifle (very rare).
    • Scivaltan - larger versions of the Goblins, these constructs are armed with two attached launchers that unleash arc bombs upon impact.
    • Iyubinar - a Goblin that wields an arsenal fueled by dimensional energy. It can utilize its missiles, rays, and shockwaves in order to maximize destruction and elimination. The armor of the machine is more reinforced, but still retains its fan shaped head.
  • Hobgoblin - energy conduits and long-range support machines that provide suppressive fire. Most commonly armed with a Line Rifle, but can also be seen with a Torch Hammer (rare) or a Slap Rifle (very rare).
    • Vulcan - a construct built for volatile and explosive objectives. It can fire multiple explosives at once, and can explode with solar energy once defeated.
    • Terminator - Vex frames that are armed with extreme levels of gamma radiation. Once it has reached a certain point, it will fire beams of pure radiation toward its target, quickly deteriorating any organism it touches or simply annihilating it from existence.
  • Minotaur - large, extremely aggressive mobile foundries that can rapidly teleport to flank their targets. Equipped with a Void Shield. Most commonly armed with a Torch Hammer, but can also be seen with a Slap Rifle or a Vex Beam Weapon.
    • Nuckalevee - a Minotaur that attains four legs and it's arms in order to provide better mobility. Loses its ability to teleport, but also gains more armor in the upper areas, allowing it to charge and decimate anything that crosses its path. Armed with sharp claws and a gatling gun that fires small rounds of solar energy.
    • Halatlas - large Minotaur frames that have heavy amounts of armor and longer arms, causing it to move on all of its limbs. However it wields a large cannon on its back that fires pure dimensional energy toward its enemy, obliterating the enemy and their surroundings.
  • Annihilator - a mechanized killing tank that is stated to be nigh unstoppable. Along with its rotatable head, giving it 360 vision, it can also rotate its entire body, enabling itself to several quick attacks. It can also burst into a torrent of flame called the "Forge's Magma". This allows it to reassemble itself even after death. Only a small number of Annihilators exist. It is fully weaponized with Void cannons, Solar bullets, Arc beams, and a dimensional beam located at its head.
  • Project 4K2T - a swift vortex of chaos designed and created by Saphix. It's four limbs are separated into smaller components that form the arms. It will launch several of these pieces for effective range, and attains a barrier that can only be destroyed by a dimensional silencer. A powerful construct, it also wields the ability to teleport and to lock a player in Stasis energy, rendering them immovable.
  • Harvester - Gargantuan in size, these drill shaped creations are used to harness and refine the energies of the dimensional unknown. These hulking machines are positioned directly on top of the borders and fires a laser that begins to redirect the flowing dimensional energy to its chamber. There a procedure takes place to create rifts or weaponize it.
  • Cyclops — Vex artillery units that lay down Void mortar fire that deals heavy damage. Can be pushed into a berserker rage that causes it to rapidly fire Void blasts in a wide area.
    • Chimera - Orbital frames used to launch devastating energy onto the earth below, decimating everything it gets in contact with. These are also armed with an automated defense system that is situated with dimension barriers, auto-aim cannons, and a beacon to alert other orbital units.
      • Slifter - A vessel utilized by the Chimera for defensive purposes. Taking the shape of a V, they fire small bullets filled with solar energy in order to quickly destroy larger class objects. Fast, efficient, and very dangerous in numbers. They appear from the inside of the Chimera and teleport out in order to commence combat, and are created again through nano-bot construction from the inside.