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The Frozen Legion is a lore book about a legion with that name.

Entry 1: Search[edit]

Unit: Psi 8 Legion: Frozen Legion Beginning Log: The Legionary moved in. I was right behind him. We had fur on the necks of our armor to protect us from the cold of Europa and ice colored armor for camouflage. A Psion behind us called out “Hey, Thaul, look at this.” Thaul was our squad leader, being a Commander. He walked over. There was some weird yellow canisters. I kept watch, because I had better firepower being a colossus, also I was second in charge and a Val. The other twelve cabal set up a perimeter. In Al there was 15 of us. “What, Rel?” Said Thaul to the Psion, who was third in charge. “It’s supplies. They have the insignia of The GhostSeekers.” I already knew about them. “So is that why we are on this scout mission due to the disturbance.” I said gruffly. Two legionaries came forward. “We’ll shoot these and see what happens. Stand back” our team comes from a Firebase known as Firebase Hail. The legionaries shot the canisters and they blew up. “Cabal Oil” muttered a psion. “Red Legion” I said. “Yea, come on Naukilus, let’s get moving” we walked for 30 minutes, talking. The psions had a few good jokes. We came across a squad of red legion and a landed Harvester. “We’re out of fuel” said one of them to a centurion. He turned. I could see his advanced armor. Everyone at the base had scout armor except the officers, including Thaul and I.