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Transitory Lance


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Keepers are powerful entities following the Witness. They are encountered across Sol fighting alongside other species of Dread.


Keepers are heavily armored, humanoid beings. They are slightly smaller then Subjugators. They have crystals growing from their skin. They have a hand that is a crystal blade that can be deadly to guardians. They can also switch to a one handed version of the Transitory Lance to fight Guardians from a distance. They attempt to sneak up on their enemy using their invisibility and once they take a certain amount of damage they will return to invisibility before attacking again. Their invisibility is almost total and can only be seen by an extremely faint glint. The real danger however, is when they get close they have the ability to trap Guardians within a cage(They can only use this once). However, they cannot damage the guardian while doing it and must hold the cage. Their allies will be able to damage the Guardian and the Guardian will have to shoot the Keeper from below them to stop them from being held. They only appear as Majors or above.

Named Keepers[edit]