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Incursion is the first dungeon in destiny 3 and the only mission that brings you to an inaccessible destination at the time.

Bosses: Idox, Forge Warden (first boss)

Siperion, The Forgotten (Exotic Quest)

Thatrax, Crown Of Infinity (final)

Gameplay: the mission starts on Nessus. Objective: Purge the vex incursion within the infinite forest. You need to destroy 3 cabal machines with radioactive cores that drop from a new colossus class enemy called Syndicate. You need to deposit the cores into the machines which will break the barrier blocking the entrance into the well of flame.

Now you can see the pit that leads into the well, a vex barrier will block you from jumping down. There are 3 vex sync plates around the room. You need to stand on them so that a cyclops will spawn in the center of the room. Kill the cyclops to break the vex barrier and jump down into the dungeon itself.

Next you need to kill ads in the small room with a glowing triangle in it. At some point after the ads are dead, a glowing goblin called "Reveler" will spawn. Kill this and shoot the triangle until it faces the barrier blocking the way into the next room and the barrier will turn off.

The first boss encounter. Idox, the forge warden. Now there are 5 areas in this boss room. Top, mid, bottom, left, and right. You have to stand on and finish all of the plates so that glowing Minotaurs will begin to spawn. If you kill a light Minotaur, you will gain 1 stack of Revealing Light. If you kill a dark Minotaur, you get 1 stack of Prevailing Light. When you get 10 stacks of one of them, deposit the max stack on it directly on the boss. Now the boss's eye will glow a certain color. 6 differently colored oracles will spawn on this part, you have to shoot the one that is identical to the boss's eye. Now the boss is stunned, you will be teleported into a random place in Nessus, you must destroy all oracles that spawn inside here. When you do, you will be teleported back into the boss room and Idox's eye will open up revealing a radiolarian core. DPS on the boss starts now. Rinse and repeat this until he's dead.

After Idox is dead, a large portal will open in the center of the room, upon entry you will enter the vex domain. You have to complete a jumping puzzle to continue.

You will reach a large vex maze with 1 unkillable vex Tank that can 1 shot you. Reach the end to continue. When you exit the area, you will reach the final encounter.

A vex cube is in the center of a large arena in the infinite forest. Destroying it will start the boss. A oryx sized descendant Minotaur named "Thatrax, Crown Of Infinity" will appear. To damage the boss you have to stand in one of the six plates in the arena. When you complete a plate you will be teleported into a random infinite forest area. You have to kill the vex gatelord inside of this area and kill all oracles and you will escape that room. Do this on all 6 plates. When all plates are done, you have to kill 3 Wyverns that Thatrax will spawn at the front of the arena and deposit their radiolarian cores into a machine to launch a bomb at Thatrax's eye. His eye will open up and now is when you DPS him in the eye. Rinse and repeat until he dies.

When his health is depleted, he will start a final stand. He will begin pulling you towards his chest in attempt to drown you in the core. Once you destroy his core in final stand, a tunnel will appear in his chest that you can go into. A small jumping puzzle leads to his eye. A vex cube is hovering in his eye. You destroy it, the screen goes white and your back in the cistern. And you can see Thatrax's body fall into the abyss of Nessus.