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Binary Collective


Work normal Vex duties
Build a new empire

Axis Minds:

Zytris, The Lucid Mind
Amarix, The Ancestral Mind
Nara, The Chrome Mind


Attack of the Binary Collective


The Binary Collective is a Collective who is normally tasked with enforcing the Sol System and building things, they’re one of the most intelligent Collective in the whole entire Sol System and causes major problems to their enemies.


The Binary Collective isn’t necessarily evil at least they don’t think they’re, but their study methods and building methods deals massive damage to that part to that part of the environment.


Leader of the Collective[edit]

Zytris, The Lucid Mind

Master Minds[edit]

Amarix, The Ancestral Mind
Nara, The Chrome Mind


The Poltergeist
Monix, Platinum Sentinel
Sintes, Tinker Wraith

Zytris’s Chosen[edit]

Apollyn, Hand of Zytris
Oquarox, Pride of Zytris
Anox, Shield of Zytris
Irex, Eye of Zytris
Pidos, Wings of Zytris
Sevrix, Taskmaster of Zytris


Notable Collective Soldiers[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]

Zytris’s Chosen
Network Engineer
The Overridden