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Code Result
{{User Dead Orbit}}
Omen of the Dead.jpg This Guardian pledges to Dead Orbit.
{{User FWC}}
Sigil of the War Cult.jpg This Guardian pledges to the Future War Cult.
{{User New Monarchy}}
Badge of the Monarchy.jpg This Guardian pledges to New Monarchy.
{{User Osiris}}
Prince Sigil.jpg This Guardian is a disciple of Osiris.
{{User Seven Seraphs}}
Faction Seven Seraphs.jpg This Guardian remembers the Seven Seraphs.


Code Result
{{User Hunter}}
Aspect of Blood.jpg This Guardian prefers the Hunter class.
{{User Titan}}
Officer Crest.jpg This Guardian prefers the Titan class.
{{User Warlock}}
Rune of the Disciple.jpg This Guardian prefers the Warlock class.
{{User all classes}}
Destiny crest.png This Guardian enjoys the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock classes equally.
{{User all subclasses}}
All Guardian classes.png This user enjoys the subclasses equally.


Code Result
{{User Alpha Lupi}}
Song of the Spheres.jpg This Guardian witnessed the Traveler's Arrival.
{{User Beta}}
Founder's Seal.jpg This Guardian was there before the Beginning.
{{User Beta Moon}}
Sign of the Elders.jpg This Guardian was there for the Moon Landing.
{{User Founder's Fortune}}
Be Brave.jpg This Guardian was Brave.
{{User Moments of Triumph}}
Laurea Prima.jpg This Guardian was Triumphant in Year One.
{{User Moments of Triumph Y2}}
Hear the Call.jpg This Guardian was Triumphant in Year Two.
{{User Age of Triumph}}
All in All.jpg This Guardian was Triumphant in Destiny.
{{User Level}}
Level Up Icon.jpg This Guardian is Level {{{1}}} in Destiny.