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Walkthrough Standards[edit]

This is to improve the quality and readability of all walkthroughs available on Destinypedia. All walkthroughs must be written using the highest difficulty as it will provide players the best advices and strategies in lower difficulties.

General Standards[edit]

English Use[edit]

Every walkthrough should be spell-checked, grammar-revised, and reviewed by a veteran user to ensure that the walkthrough is within our MOS. That said, internet memes and slangs should be avoided.


  • General overview of the level, giving details of what to expect.


  • Collectible-related information and general strategies.


  • Information about scoring techniques (if applicable), starting weapons, etc.


  • Subsections should be chapters of the level. These can optionally contain subsections of their own.
  • Subsections should take the form of either "Chapter Name", "Chapter Name (Mission Start)", or "Chapter Name (Checkpoint Name)". Italics should probably go in the headers.
  • If absolutely necessary, multiple walkthroughs can be included for different styles of play. I've seen more than one "Alternate Walkthrough" section; perhaps we can have "Walkthrough (Aggressive)", "Walkthrough (Co-op)", "Walkthrough (Ranged)", etc.. Of course, we wouldn't require variants... But this would allow variants to be added in an organized fashion. It would also be prudent to specify that variants should only be added if they change multiple facets of play.


Only the Succession box template should be added at the end of a walkthrough. The Level template is only reserved for the main articles.