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This article is about the Destinypedia policy regarding general uploading and use of images. For the Destinypedia policy regarding personal images, see Destinypedia:Personal Image Policy.

The following guildelines are strongly encouraged when uploading images for use in articles for this encyclopedia.

  • In most cases, images should be a PNG image uploaded to the Wiki via the Upload file page.
  • Images should be optimized for the web and its size should not exceed 100 kilobytes.
  • Images' dimensions should be approximately the same size as on the official site and never exceed 600 pixels in width.
  • JPEG format is generally only desirable for "live action" pictures.
  • GIF formats are only desirable in the rare case of an animated GIF picture.
  • BMP formats are never desirable.
  • When uploading the file, be sure to give it a meaningful name which describes its content and more importantly, its use on the wiki, as in this example:
"dest83232.png" is not meaningful. "Destiny_screenshot.png" is more meaningful.

Please note that any non-personal images that hasn't been used within 12 hours of being uploaded will be subject to deletion as unused images.