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This table summarizes Destinypedia server roles and channel permissions for each.[1][2] For fun, each role name has been based upon Cabal ranks/titles.

Group Permissions
Contact (Emperor) Kick/ban, manage all server settings, send invites, all other permissions
Administrator (Consul) Kick/ban, send invites, manage emojis, manage messages
Moderator (Praetorate) Kick/ban[3]
Verified User (Centurion) Send and read messages.[4]
Guest (Gladiator) Send and read messages

Platform roles[edit]

We have created roles for each of the gaming platforms Destiny 2 is available on (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC). If you wish to be given one of these tags, please ask an administrator. These roles do not grant any additional server permissions.

  1. ^ Only notable permissions are listed.
  2. ^ Full permissions list
  3. ^ Selected on as-needed basis, but will typically be patrollers.
  4. ^ Only given to users with a Destinypedia account.