Ballidorse Wrathweavers

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Ballidorse Wrathweavers


Ballidorse Wrathweavers








Loot drop?:

Legendary Lost Sectors


"They do not yet know what true cold is."
— Item Description

Ballidorse Wrathweavers is an Exotic Armor introduced in Lightfall.


  • Hearts of Ice: Your Winter's Wrath Shockwave deals increased shatter damage. Allies in range of your Shockwave gain an overshield and increased damage with Stasis weapons.

With Update 7.3.0 released with Season of the Wish on November 28th, the exotic perk of this armor was added a new function:

Now when you cast a Frostpulse rift, nearby allies gain a Tier 2 Stasis Surge weapon bonus for 10 seconds in PvE and 5 seconds in PvP. They also gain a 50hp overshield. The stasis damage bonus provided to allies by the Winter's Wrath Shockwave is now the Tier 4 Stasis Surge weapon bonus. When your Winter's Wrath ends, you gain the Tier 4 Stasis Surge weapon bonus as well.


"Push foward, I will protect you!" cried the Warlock as he whirled into the air and sent a torrent of Stasis shards howling toward the enemy.

The Titan and Hunter ran in, keeping low beneath the maelstrom. "Protect us?" the Hunter wondered aloud.

"It's complicated," shouted the Titan. "He's able to balance the entropic vacuum of Stasis against the kinetic velocity of-"

A shotgun slug caught the Hunter in the chest, but she barely felt it. A thick sheet of Stasis had formed at the point of impact, diffusing the force of the collision.

"I do that!" the Warlock boomed over the howling storm.

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