Zakharik Gilmanovich Bekhterev

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Zakharik Gilmanovich Bekhterev
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Zakharik Gilmanovich Bekhterev was a member of the Future War Cult during the Golden Age who participated in experiments with a device based on Vex technology that allowed its user to send their mind across space and time.


Assigned to a research facility in Lhasa, Bekhterev was the second member of the research team to volunteer to use the device following Maya Sundaresh's intial success and then the second volunteer's failure. The team took safety precautions to ensure he came to no physical harm while he was subjected to one minute in the device, after which he emerged and informed the rest of the team that he felt determined. Maya questioned what he meant by that, and he explained that he could see all of his future life laid out before him like a railroad and that he could not deviate from it. Shortly afterwards Bekhterev committed suicide, becoming the first casualty of those who used the device.[1]

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