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Forums: Index General Discussion Where does it say that Triton is a Neomuni radio array? Destiny-FrontierGhostShell.png

So, i went to the neptune page, and i found this about Nep I "Triton, where the Neomuni established a small radio telescope array and turned it into a listening post" just curious as to where this information comes from because i've had a fan-expansion in my head and even in the wiki(If you're interested) if that does happen to be true i might have to rewrite or move the expansion to a whole different planet/moon to avoid contradicting the lore. Scaggis, Kell Of Obsidian. 12:25 BRT, January 21st 2023 This is the YouTube link that states otherwise that the Neomuni have a presence on Triton.User:TheTrueSorrowMaker 10:51 CST,January 21st 2023

Thanks, now i don't have to worry about there being a fallen civilization there contradicting to the lore, and i can even make a crucible map concept out of it :] Scaggis, Kell Of Obsidian. 14:39 BRT, January 21st 2023