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Labyrinth: Acceptance


Labyrinth: Humility

Labyrinth: Pride


Season of Salvation




Unknown Space
The Plane
Ascendant Realm


Infiltrate the Plane once more and save the Aspect within the Tenjuko Labyrinth.

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Labyrinth: Pride is the sixth story mission of Season of Salvation. After detecting another Taken Aspect within Airy's vessel, Eris Morn sends the Guardian on another incursion into the Plane to save the soul from its corruption.


  • Activate the Universe Modulator
    • Set down the device and transport yourself inside the Plane.
  • Traverse the Vessel
    • Dive deeper into Airy's ship and enter The Chantry.
  • Take Down the Taken Barrier
    • Defeat the Rift Burdens and destroy the Taken Rifts keeping the barrier up.
  • Traverse Deeper
    • Enter the Tenjuko Labyrinth and locate the Taken Aspect within.
  • Prove your Worth
    • X out of 3 Champions defeated
      Slay the Aspect's Taken Champions and prove your worth its time.
  • Defeat Ba'kharl, Tragic Champion
    • Slay the once-Cabal champion challenging your worthiness.
  • Traverse Deeper
    • Traverse further into the Tenjuko Labyrinth and locate the Taken Aspect.
  • Enter the Portal
    • Enter the Ascendant Portal and enter the Ascendant Realm.
  • Set Down the Universe Modulator
    • Place down the device and call forth the Taken Aspect.
  • Save Stern, Aspect of Pride
    • Save Stern, Aspect of Pride and cleanse it from Airy's influence.





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