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Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings

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Hidden Swarm

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The Crux

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Portico is a location within the Dreadnaught orbiting Saturn. It is accessible during the King's Fall raid and houses a jumping puzzle.


This is a part where you will have to jump to ships in a particular order or else you have to start this over. Once you are past the first part, you come across a singular ship and two plates, one person must stand on each plate and at least one person must be on the ship to get through the door that disappears when the two plates are being stood upon.

While the two plates are being stood on there will be access to a secret chest, while riding the ship to get to the other side, when you are about to get past the shield wall, jump off to your left hand hand side and you will land on a spike-like platform, once you are here walk up the small walkway against the wall to the door above, watch out for little spikes that will make you fall. If two guardians are standing on the plates then the door will open, and you may get the secret chest.

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