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The Legend of the God Eater subsection of the Grimoire covers the history of Cryth, the God Eater and his ascension to godhood under Xivu Arath as well as his timely demise.

The Wandering Evil[edit]

YOU ARE WAR![edit]


The Lonely Creator[edit]

To Bond with God[edit]

The New World[edit]

Truel Abolition[edit]

Return in Gold[edit]

The Message[edit]

The Waking Zenith[edit]

Saphiri Skies[edit]

Hell's Monsters[edit]

Fang of the Reaper[edit]


Told by Xivu Arath —
The Dual-Edged Blade —

THE DEEP. Our greatest companion, the first, final, and only. Every action done by every being in this universe is done to drive further the final shape. We will be the last. I will be the last.

WAR. The act that empowers me, the death of war keeps me alive. To battle isn’t simply to fight, but to speak in a way that words cannot. My blade speaks for me.

HIVE. We are the harbingers of fear. We outlive any law attempting to bind us. The Deep bred us into what we are today. And it has grown us into its most powerful subordinates. We are eternal. Aiat.

LIGHT. The Deep’s need for existence. Without light, there is no need for dark. Without dark, there is no need for light. But when the absence of purpose is brought upon all of the universe, then I will complete my mission: I will eat the light.

WORM. The blight on our bodies that provides us with power, but takes all else. It is responsible for my need for conflict. The worm takes, as much as I do, as much as my siblings do. I will feed it until its fangs have broken upon my hardened insides.

REAPER. (the prince has returned, Xi Ro. follow me…)

The God Eater[edit]

The God Eater —
Sung by Xivu Arath —
Mother of the Devil —








The Haunting of the Deep[edit]

Awaken Iron![edit]

The crowd gathered within the altar of the High Celebrant. At the front of the room, the God Eater stands aboard the pedestal flashing his blade to the crowd of Hive. The Celebrant pokes at Cryth’s shoulder from behind. “Whatever you say, just say it and make it quick. I don’t like all these people in my space.” Cryth nodded before clearing his throat and beginning to speak.

“Brothers, sisters, all Hive alike: I have come to make an announcement about our immediate future, if you are willing to listen.” The Hive murmured silently before Cryth continued.

“With the help of the High Celebrant, I have discovered a celestial body of masterful energies unknown to the rest of this universe and its people. Closer inspection reveals a group of 45 planets and moons orbiting a single, unending star, powered by 4 smaller neutron stars.”

Cryth turned to his left and stepped off the pedestal, pacing back and forth while scratching his blade against the ground. “The system’s beings call themselves the Irundaal, and they pride themselves on their expansive technologies. Able to prolong a stars life artificially; How preposterous, yet intriguing.”

The High Celebrant lowers his boomer and leans to the side. “Why do you tell us this?”

Cryth turns away from the crowd. “I say this, because…” He quickly turns back to face the crowd, slamming his cleaver to the ground to obscure the Hive’s view with blazing fire.

“We will destroy their system and all their precious trinkets!” He shouts at the crowd as they begin to cheer.

The High Celebrant confronts Cryth. “Since when do you call the shots? Last time you did something like this, you almost got us killed!”

“The Hive are ghastly conquerors. We do not live by law, we live by death! Besides, Xivu Arath will be pleased with the Irundaal’s extinction, don’t you agree?”

The High Celebrant stood silently.

Cryth chuckled. “Now! Stand tall my acolytes! For we will take our anger and lust for battle to the Irundaal’s doorstep!”

The Hive cheered excessively for their new mission: the extinction of Irundaal.

Xivu Arath was not present, but she was pleased, very pleased.

Banished in Fire[edit]

Crisis Exigent call #287

Attention all available Irundaal High Warriors, this is Imperial General Zavah’n speaking.

The Hive have deployed their largest fleet to attack the Irundaal Chroma-Orb, passing the Gambler’s Ridge en route through the Chroma-Vale Ring.

The Irundaal Irregularity Strike Force has already been deployed, but they have been entirely wiped out as their ships were crushed with a purple magnetic void of life, weaponized as a mobile energy source.

If the Hive destroy the star, our system will be eradicated without a trace. It is imperative that all militarized forces be put towards defending against the attack. We will not lose this system to the Hive.


It seems as if the attack on the Chroma-Vale Ring was a simple subversion of our expectations. The Hive champion ((CRYTH)) has released an ontological “weapon” across the Chroma-Gorge Joint Armada, acting as a sort of psychological insanity inducement device to the Irundaal High Warriors. This weapon is seen in the form of a shadowy imitation of its originator before disappearing immediately. From what information has been gathered, the weapon will speak a few words before its targets succumb to insanity.

A warning has been issued to all 45 of Irundaal’s worlds: If the device makes its way to your position, avert your eyes and cover your ears. If you do not hear the words spoken, then you will live.

The Hive have not deployed their most powerful champion, meaning this must be child’s play for them. The Hive have taken so much from us, so much from me, but they will not take this system. For when the Berserker reaches high orbit, the Hive will find their souls adjacent to their bodies, banished in fire.


Anarchy Accelerant[edit]

Chaos! Chaos!

The Irundaal will be lost to chaos!

These maggots lack the intelligence of the Hive. They lack the hunger for blood that keeps us alive.

Our master’s subversion has worked!

Cryth’s fleets have pierced the Chroma-Gorge Ring,
burning holes in the Gorge Ring Forcefield,
peering into the bright glare of the Chroma-Gorge Wormhole.

The God Eater has seized control of the Chroma-Slade’s Deep Vessel,
using its connection to the Deep to spread his imitation
across Irundaal’s worlds, allowing the hive to invade
on all fronts; they will fall under the blade and tooth of the God Eater!

And when the Chroma-Orb falls,
its nucleus will collapse into a sphere of
atomic mass, and I will claim it for myself,
fashioning its power into a weapon of the Deep.

And Xivu Arath will
feast upon this death and rejoice,
for her son will provide the largest of tribute,
enough for hundreds of years of conquest!
The Hive are eternal. We will never die!

— Enkaar, the Anointed

The First Terrors[edit]

RECORD: 6281E936$ORE-5.889
SUBJECT: Emergency Call O-777
STATUS: UNNOFFICIAL (allowed for public use)
IDENTITIES: E. Varthex (Caller), A. Niksis (Responder)
LOCATION: Orelion – Subterranean Colony (Call Origin)

[A.N.] You’ve contacted the Irundaal Interplanetary Crisis Company. Please state where you are calling from and your problem.

[E.V.] (panting) He’s here! He’s here, I don’t know what to do! (stammering) Please! What do I do?!

[A.N.] We request that you remain calm and hide somewhere it can not reach. Where are you currently?

[E.V.] Orelion, Subterranean Colony, section 8. I thought it could only reach the Joint Armada. Wh-what happened?!

[A.N.] The Hive must be using some sort of amplification device to increase its spread. Have you gotten out of sight?

[E.V.] Yes, but its still there! It’s just… watching me. What do I do?! What do I do?!

[A.N.] The weapon seems to be based on metaphysics, feeding on the fear of its victims. Maybe if you cease to have fear of it, it won’t be able to affect you.

[E.V] How am I supposed to do that?

[A.N.] I’m not entirely sure, but we are getting hundreds of other calls from all across the system. Please stay in touch, I will be back with you shortly.

[E.V.] O-okay…

[6.2 minutes of silence.]


[E.V.] Who’s there? What do you want?!


[E.V.] You want to be free? From what?

[30 seconds of silence]


[Loud bang, lights go out, followed by 2 minutes of silence.]

so close. I can taste it.
you will help me. you will help us. we will find our hope. you will find our hope.
sit down. listen closely

[Unintelligible whispers. 1 minute of silence.]

[A.N.] I have returned, are you still there?

[E.V.] It spoke to me…

[A.N.] What did it say?

[E.V.] …nothing

---Call ended.---

The Deep Vessel[edit]

The Irundaal Omega is home to many secrets, secrets that have existed for millions, if not billions of years. The Xenoglyph Mountains of Vira-Tor, the Frozen Mind aboard the rings of Tavarus, the beast-infested tunnels of Icha-8, all mysteries of infinite intrigue. But one mystery holds the minds of the Irundaal Omega system in an everlasting knot: The Ûvarian Deep Vessel.

The Ûvarian Deep Vessel, otherwise known as Morquire’s Last Dream, is a spectacle of paracausal ontopathogenesis; a mobile machine within the high orbit of Ûvaria, affiliated with the force known as the Darkness. The Deep Vessel’s creation dates back to the Lost Century about 3,700 years ago. The “ship” was created when the remnants of the Ûvarian Sky Colony attempted to tame a wild Darkness anomaly by containing it within ancient machinery, allowing for it to exist in a smaller space despite its size. The machine was later reformed at the request of High Priest Xilophar (the former king of Ûvaria) to resemble an orbital station, acting as the planet’s defense system during the Ûvarian-Epûroch Assault.

Following the long battle and the uprising against Xilophar, the vessel was deemed a possible threat and was to be avoided until its destruction; but this did not apply to one man: Morquire Deftra. Morquire entered the Deep vessel, but what happened to him is unknown. Many theories have popped up about his disappearance, the most popular one being that Morquire fell into an eternal dream as he entered the darkness, that dream seemingly was able to empower the Slade-Orb after it was almost destroyed. This theory has lead many to call the Deep Vessel “Morquire’s Last Dream.”

Whether Morquire is dreaming of the best for us, or the Darkness unhinged its harrowing jaw and swallowed him whole, we can all agree that the Ûvarian Deep Vessel is one of the Slade Sector’s most prized possessions; a relic of the past, and the future.

— Excerpt from “The History of the Slade Sector: A fantastical read for young minds!


From the depths of the blackened chamber, Noctu stomps his foot onto a foreign symbol on the ground of the Deep Vessel. The symbol lights up before fading out, repeating about 3 or 4 times before stopping. He turns to his left, looking over his shoulder to see Voldor scraping her claws against the walls of the machine. “What are we to do here?” She echoed lightly. “We are to prepare for the God Eater’s arrival. We will claim this Vessel under the cover of the true attack, to establish a foothold in this war.”

Noctu uses his boomer to carve the Hive’s runes into the ground of the Vessel, lighting up in a green glow as he continues. Voldor begins conjuring her spells when a breeze brushes past her back, almost making a whisper-like noise. She stops. “Did you hear that?” Noctu raises his arm. “Seriously, are all you witches deceitful?” He asks in a playful tone, carving more runes into the machine. Noctu came to a halt when he could feel breathing upon the back of his neck. He turns to Voldor. “Did you feel that?” She shook her head. They continued their work until an untouched door bursts open, letting out unintelligible shouts and screams.

Before they could comment, a manifestation of Cryth appeared behind them. “Noctu. Voldor. What have you accomplished?” Noctu lowers his boomer. “We have gained temporary control over the Vessel, but something is here, trying to speak to us. We think it is… the Deep.” Cryth’s manifestation fades away as his physical form appears. “The Deep?” He inquires. The screams had hit his body like an outbound explosion of fire. But through the sea of devilish noise, he could hear it. The voices and shouts became clear to him as he stared into the Deep portal. “Don’t step closer! Get back, demon!” The voices cried. Cryth would not be intimidated by these threats. For he was the eater of gods, the zenith of the dark. The God Eater stepped through the door, into the nothingness and disappeared.

Noctu and Voldor were shocked, but they held steadfast in the hopes of their leaders return. In a few seconds, Cryth exited the Deep portal the same as he entered, the voices completely drowned out by the sound of battle and death. “What happened?” Noctu asks.

“This system is ours to destroy.”


The Berserker will start all!
The Berserker will end all!
The Berserker will be all!

From the Spires of Tavarus-12 to the hollow world of Griquor-Murloev,
the Berserker has graced all in between.
And the Berserker will grace all beyond!

The Berserker will start all! (do not listen)
The Berserker will end all! (this is not true)
The Berserker will be all! (lies lies lies)

— Famous poem regarding “The Berserker.”


Ten thousand ships fell to the surface of Orelion, the ground colony in ruin. Four thousand ships aimlessly float around the space of the Chroma-Slade Deep Vessel. Fifty thousand ships slowly fall into the everburning plasma of the Gorge Orb. All done by one being: The God Eater. His size staggering, easily towering over the Vale Orb and it’s immediate surrounding planets. All the force of the Irundaal High Warriors were unable to stop him. The God eater raised his arm, and in a flash of light, the attacking fleet was no more.

The Irundaal Interplanetary Crisis Company were told to release their last optional weapon: Khorne. From the tallest Xenoglyph Spire on Vira-Tor arose the weapon; a long ranged cannon capable of bending reality with it’s power. The God Eater focused his attention to Vira-Tor, an uneasy grimace forming on the monster’s face as the luminescence grew. The ground began to crack, the moons shook and quivered in their positions, space itself was tearing. The heat rose beyond unimaginable levels, slowly molding the Xenoglyph mountains into nothing more but hills of magma. The God Eater opened its mouth to bring curses upon the world with his wretched speech, but it was too late. In what was almost a millionth of a second, Khorne had killed its target.

(did it?)

Miraculously, through the smoke and dusk of torn space, the God Eater’s eyes glowed through the nothingness. A cackle echoed through the system, one of annoyance and hunger. He stepped towards Vira-Tor, landing on the space beneath his feet as he walked. A ghastly arm stretched out towards the molten planet, Khorne slowly withdrawing. In the palm of his hand, he crushed Viro-Tor with ease, letting its flow of Xenoglyph magma seep out of his hand and into the endlessness of space. The God Eater focused his hunger towards the Vale Orb, a lustful flame burning behind his ascendant eyes.

A harrowing screech bellowed from withing the void created by Khorne, shaking the universe and its inhabitants. Chants began to ring out from each planet, almost like a spell being cast. “START ALL! END ALL! BE ALL!” The Irundaal chanted with hope in their voices. The screech continued, pulverizing multiple of the Hive’s warships and destroying Cryth’s imitations. What was this power? Could he handle it? From the void emerged the Berserker, an ever shifting mass of Taken energy. Billions of Taken merged into one, unrecognizable being. It’s screeches continued before it charged towards the God Eater. He raised his blade, filling the system with the light from its glare. With a flash of light, the Berserker had…



“NO! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!” A man cried out, flipping his table over and shattering glass on the floor. “You must calm down. There has to be an explanation for this.” His subordinate told. The man turned towards her, clenching his fists to compose himself. “There is no explanation. You don’t get it. The Berserker is a paracausal nullifier. It’s very nature is to completely negate any type of paracausal force. How did it fail?” His subordinate crossed her arms. “Was it possible that it affected itself? Was it’s power unstable and uncontrollable?” He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “I… I don’t know..”

“Will you two shut it?!” General Zavah’n shouted from the distance.

The General positioned himself against the wall, his head pushing into the metal. “We’ve failed…” Silence befell the room as the gravity of the situation had finally begun to set in. The air was filled with tension as the only noise filling the space was the sound of startled breath. The General rushed out of the room and through the foyer to reach the Irundaal Command Centre. He rose the alarm, and spoke righteously through the speaker.

Crisis Exigent call #999


Attention all Irundaal citizens, this is Imperial General Zavah’n speaking.

The Hive have won.

A Broken Blade[edit]

Fragment of the Chroma-Orb[edit]

The First[edit]

Cryth stood within the never-ending void of shadow, scraping his blade across the invisible ground marking runes into the endless dream. “Where?” He asked. “Where is this? From what plane of existence have you pulled me through?” A voice called back, echoing from every corner of the mindscape. “Where? We are at the end, oh siphon mine. Everything is gone. The shape you so desperately chase was fiction all from the start.”

The God Eater flipped his blade over his shoulder, lighting up the surrounding area to reveal slithering scales surrounding him. He was not afraid, for fear was a sign of weakness, and weakness required correction. “What are you, vile creature?” Like a supersonic wave, a response flashed past him in the vain of a cool breeze. “I am the first, and you are the last. I revel in the failure of your logic, destroyer of worlds.”

Cryth was not familiar with these words, this pattern of speech was odd and troublesome to decipher. But the God Eater would not be bested by some devil, for he was hell itself, hungering for the souls of the deceitful. “Show yourself, devil! Only a powerless coward hides behind a black mast, afraid of the Prince of War!” More dark mist flooded the space, thinning the air and obscuring the endless nothing, only to dissipate and reveal the monstrous form of the devil, colossal in size with wings like a galaxy’s arm.

“You, my violent friend, are afraid of your own absence: your expiration, your death. One can only have so much influence after their ability to directly impose their will has been gutted from their lifeless body. You would know much about that, huh?” The talons of the devil wisped through the air as space ripped and tore between her claws, groaning and stretching back together without struggle. “The Zophar held influence over hundreds of species, but it all came to a stop when your sword cut it to pieces.” Cryth winced at the mention of the Zophar; what provided hundreds of years of tribute to his mother provided hundreds of vivid nightmares for him. “What is it you're trying to prove?”

“You lack apparent purpose, leading to your reckless voyage across the universe. Just like your dear old mother.” The devil’s eyes began to glow a luminescent black, mist flowing from them into the void. “But I can take it all away. Or I could bring it all back. Your wish is my command, oh siphon mine.” Deceit, deceit, he could see it clear as day. His next actions were to be chosen carefully in order to ensure his survival.

Without a trace, the God Eater disappeared into thin air, leaving the devil in complete isolation. As she turned to inspect his disappearance further, a massive shadow-like figure floated above the devil, taunting her with a cackle. “You, a liar in disguise, attempt to deceive me?! How amateur, to think that a simple wish could sway the fate of the God Eater! I have burned entire worlds to the ground! You do not scare me, wish dragon, for I am the first and the last!”

In what had seemed almost instantaneous, Cryth’s blade punctured the body of the wish dragon, bringing her down to the ground as she bled into the void. The God Eater stood over her, his sword held high in the air. The space went silent, the Prince made a wish before striking the devil.

When Cryth returned to the Black Terrace, the Hive had been awaiting his arrival. What felt like an eternity for Cryth inside the void was only a single day for the rest of the world. At the end of the pathed hall stood his mother, patiently waiting for her son. “WHAT HAVE YOU TO SHOW FOR YOUR DISAPPEARANCE, CRYTH?” The Prince dropped the skull of the wish dragon at her feet before raising his blade and splitting it in two. Xivu Arath fell to her knees, writhing in pain for a second before laughter crescendoed from the war god; his tithe was complete. The God Eater turned back and exited the Bladed Terrace, his blade and armor covered in reflective black blood; the essence of the first.

The Last Vol. 1[edit]

The Last Vol. 2[edit]

The Last Vol. 3[edit]

Kingly Decree[edit]

For Better or Worse[edit]

My mother forced me into a weapon of death and destruction. My will had not been my own, but at the same time, it bent to my every action. I cannot explain it.

She taught me the fundamentals of what it means to embody the sword. I have destroyed countless planets, murdered millions of unworthy wretches without a single care of morality. I have eaten the flesh of the zenith’s gods and walked the depths of the afterlife. I have tasted the atoms of stars from every corner of this reality. But no matter what I do, I am always wanting more.

Let me make myself clear: My worm is fed, it does not desperately need any more tribute; I, however, am starved for that which I cannot describe.

It has brought me to a precipice: As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, there is more to life than war, more to life than death. I have seen it with my own eyes, the mimic of the King has shown me that navigation can bring more light to the world. The Witch has shown me that deceit can help examine the way differing minds are able to process. I cannot find the words, but it is as if I have grown tired of war, much to mother’s disdain.

I have thought about siring my own spawn and forcing them to kill each other for eternity, but that would get old after a while. I have thought of hunting the zenith myself, but that has been done already, and all who have done so simply failed. I have thought of declaring war on everyone and everything, but I wouldn’t last, not for long anyway.

So I have come to a conclusion, an end to my eternal debate. I will sire under the Witch until the end of days. She will teach me new aspects of life, as I will teach her all I’ve learned under the god of war. Xivu will be furious, but she will come to understand in due time. My blade will continue to give tribute to her out of respect, as I could never forget the woman who saved my life.

Under Savathûn, I will locate the gardener and destroy its people. My blade will dull with death, and I will feast upon its flesh for my brothers, for those it has wronged.

To my mother: If I am killed, it will be because I was not worthy to exist in this bleak world. If I fail my mission, then you were wrong to give me the title of God Eater. I will never forget what you’ve done for me, as you should do the same. I now serve under Savathûn, the Witch Queen, for better, or worse.