Retribution (quest)

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We Stand Unbroken


Last Will and Testament



Season of Defiance

Quest giver:

The Crow


Ascendant Shard


How to unlock[edit]

Complete We Stand Unbroken and then speak to Crow. Seasonal pass is needed

Quest steps[edit]

Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1. Destroy the Shadow Legion's prison ship in "Mission:Retribution"
"Crow and Mara Sov have come up with a plan to end the Shadow Legion's offensive on Earth."
Complete "Mission:Retribution"
2. Visit the holoprojector at the Farm for a debriefing with Crow
"Crow wants to congratulate you for taking down the Shadow Legion's prison ship. His message awaits you at the Farm's holoprojector."
Speak to Crow
  • Ascendant Shard