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Destroy the source of the mysterious resurgence of the axis minds.


This dungeon is located on Ganymede. The objective is to discover why so many destroyed minds of the vex have been seen walking again, and hopefully end whatever is causing it to happen. It has two bosses, one of them previously fought; Theosyion, the Restorative Mind, and a new boss, Nekros, Resurrection Mind.

This Dungeon is not in any way associated with the Unnamed Raid made by the same author.



Players will spawn on Ganymedes surface and will enter a nearby cave. The cave leads a vex gate, which when travelled through, leads to the Acropolis lost sector. The normal enemies from the sector will be there, but there will also be a barrier guarding an exit to the area. To bring down the barrier, players must locate three confluxes and scan them. Once a conflux is scanned, you must bring down the conflux by standing near it for a period of time. Multiple ads will arrive to hinder your progress, including many fanatics. Once a conflux has been downed, a major Guard Minotaur will spawn and you will have to kill it. Failure to kill it will result in it raising the conflux again. This mechanic is repeated commonly throughout the dungeon. Once all three minotaurs have been defeated, the barrier drops and players can progress.

The Sealed Door[edit]

Once players delve deeper into the Acropolis, They will enter a darkness zone and come to a big chamber. The chamber has multiple exits that branch out short distances, like a maze. On the far side of the chamber, there is a sealed door. Above the door are seven runes that will be arranged in a random order. Each rune represents a different vex enemy (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Harpy, Minotaur, Hydra, Cyclops, Wyvern.) In front of the door are seven slots. One of each of these enemies will spawn somewhere in the maze as a major, and all are called Heralds of Nekros. Ads will also spawn throughout the maze. Killing the majors will drop an orb of their name. Take the orb to the slots and place it in the slot spot that corresponds with the rune above the door.

After this has been done once, the right side of the door will glow red, and the runes will be shuffled. The previous process will be repeated, but tougher ads will spawn. Once all seven charges have been inserted a second time, the other side of the door will glow and the door will open and players can proceed.

The Glass River[edit]

Upon exiting the chamber, players will find themselves traveling alongside a small vex radiolarian river. Falling in will result in an instant death. Players will have to jump over the river a few times until they come to The Glass River area and the cavern opens up. A few vex enemies will be encountered on the way.

There are multiple vex time weaving platforms that lead to the other side. There are a few hydras sitting on some of them, and they will not fall into the river below when the platform below them disappears. There are also hobgoblins sniping at you. To get to the other side of the chasm, players must locate two platforms with harpy class enemies called Theosyions Shields. These harpies have shields that are immune to everything. To defeat them, locate a major Wyvern Berserker somewhere and kill it. When killed, it will drop an orb called a Berserker charge. Pick it up and throw it at a harpy to break its shield, and then kill it. When killed, they will drop an overload cell, and when picked up by a player, they have sixty seconds to find a terminal to deposit the cell into. If time runs out, the cell explodes and the holder dies. If one cell is deposited, players have two minutes to deposit the other one or the terminal will explode, killing anyone near it. Once both cells have been deposited, a large platform will appear and players can cross the chasm. Again, falling in to the river below results in instant death.

Somewhere along the wall down by the river is a small platform with a chest that contains a random legendary weapon and grants the player the Undying Wealth buff. The Undying Wealth buff slightly increases all players stats, as well as the amount of glimmer gained from defeating an enemy. Killed enemies may also drop destination resources. The buff lasts until the player dies. Completing the dungeon with the buff active will result in the player getting awarded with the Time Stand Still exotic sidearm.

After leaving the wide open area, the cavern gets tighter and players are now traveling along side the river again, jumping over it a few times. Some more vex enemies will be fought on the way. After a little bit, the river disappears somewhere underground. With that, the encounter is complete.

Theosyion, the Restorative Mind[edit]

After traveling through the cavern for a little bit, Theosyion will spontaneously burst out from the wall behind the team and chase them into a circular chamber called The Timeless Pit with a hole in the middle and a barrier that guards half of it, much like the Echo Chamber. Players are still traveling alongside the river when this happens and will have to jump it two more times.

Theosyion's shield is up and is immune to all attacks when chasing you. Upon entering the chamber, Theosyion will lower his shield and you can damage him a little bit. After a few seconds, he will put up his shield. Numerous numbers of ads will spawn here. To make him lower it, players much capture 3 synch plates and eliminate the Guard Minotaurs that spawn. This will move the barrier, forcing Theosyion to lower his shield and move, and you can damage him. Be sure to do this quick though, as the barriers will begin to close in and smoosh the fireteam, resulting in a wipe. Repeat until he is dead.

The Timeless Pit[edit]

After defeating Theosyion, the barrier surrounding the hole in the center will open. Players should fall in this hole. They will need to activate their double jump to survive the fall. At the bottom of the pit, are seven vex gates with symbols above them identical to those encountered when opening the door. Only one gate is active, and it has the Goblin symbol above it. Enter the gate.

On the other side is an un-captured sync plate and some ads. Capture the plate, defeat the Guard Minotaur, and a goblin ultra will spawn, along with many other ads. Killing the ultra will result in it dropping and orb with a symbol on it. You can leave the orb, but remember its symbol. When you teleport back to the seven gates, all will be active. Travel to the one that matches the symbol of the orb that was dropped by the previously killed major. If you enter the wrong gate, when you capture the plate inside, you will be wiped.

When the seventh boss has been conquered, it will drop the Goblin orb. Pick up this orb and go to the Goblin Gate. You will not need to capture the plate. Place the orb in a nearby terminal and the back wall will open up. Travel into the newly revealed area to continue.

Nekros, Resurrection Mind[edit]

Players will enter a very large room with a statue of a wyvern in the center. Their is also a massive Vex gate behind it. In front of the stature there is a synch plate. When the Guard Minotaur is killed as a result of capturing the plate, the statue will begin to move and break open, revealing Nekros, Resurrection Mind. You can immediately start damaging him, but after a few seconds, he will disappear and the message "Nekros reaches to power from the past" will appear. After a few seconds, A random vex ultra will appear from the gate. It is immune to all attacks, and to bring it down, players must capture 3 synch plate and defeat the Guard Minotaurs. Once this happens, the random ultra will die, and Nekros will appear again. Each time after he comes back, more ads will spawn, and he will attempt to wipe the team by teleporting them to the top of the arena while detained and dropping them. To prevent this from happening, Players should destroy three oracles that are summoned. The oracles are different colors. Each player will gain a buff called "Prophecy Destroyer." If yours is red, shoot the red oracle. If green, get green, and if yellow, get yellow. Shooting the wrong color will result in Nekros instantly dropping you. If you managed to break free of detainment while falling, quickly double jump to survive the wipe. Repeat this process until he is dead. Once Nekros is dead, a chest will appear in front of the gate. Upon being opened, the dungeon is complete. The chest will award the exotic sidearm Time Stand Still to players with the Undying Wealth buff, but no exotics will be awarded to anyone else.

When drawing vex from the gate, Nekros will spawn any Vex ultra that has ever been encountered. The mechanics for each of these ultras when they were originally fought do not come into play. Additionally, bosses will not use wipe mechanics or one shot attacks (unless their standard attack is a one shot).

Time Stand Still[edit]

Time Stand Still is an exotic sidearm awarded from the [unnamed] dungeon on Ganymede. It looks as if it were manufactured by the Vex, bearing a similar appearance to much of their architecture. The only difference is the fact that it is made out of gold. The name may possibly be a reference to a song of the same name by the band Rush.

Time Stand Still does Kinetic damage. Its magazine size is 15 and its maximum reserve size is 180. Its exotic perk is Stop Right There: when players rapidly defeat enemies with the sidearm, shots fired for a short time afterward gain additional damage, weaken enemies, and don't consume rounds from the magazine. It has another trait unique to itself, called Stopwatch. What it does is make precision kills extend the duration of Stop Right There. Its other perks are Precision Frame, Glass Half Full, and Tactical Mag. It is ideally a PvE weapon, but can be used in PvP effectively due to its range. Its exotic perk would not be easy to activate in the crucible.

Additional Lore[edit]


The vex arrived on Ganymede around the some time in between when they got to Mercury and Nessus. They finished conversion of the moon only a few months before The Guardian entered the Black Garden for the first time. The vex on Ganymede had witnessed the Cabal using the Almighty to blow up stars, and decided the easiest way to eliminate the Light was to blow up the solar system in which the traveler was located. They began construction of the super weapon under the leadership of Primius, Praetorian Mind, but things fell apart when Primius was taken by Oryx. With Primius gone, the vex now use Ganymede as just another stronghold.


Nekros was not of much use to the vex until their leader on Ganymede, Primius, Praetorian Mind, was taken. When Primius was taken, the transformation of the planet had been completed, but the construction of the super weapon had not, and all work on it was ceased. Nekros attempted numerous times to bring back Primius, but ended up bringing back many other axis vex instead. One of the first minds he brought back was Theosyion, and rather than letting them loose on Ganymede, Nekros had Theosyion work with him to help bring back Primius.