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Breaker Goliath Tank
Production information


Stone Breakers

Product line:



Goliath Tank

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Booster Engines
Cabal Trapper
Tracking Device


Reinforced Cabal Hull Plating


Nuclear Blast Cannon
Heavy Slug Throwers
Missile Swarm Launchers
Shrapnel Flak Turrets
Poison Gas Grenades
Cabal Magma Spigots
Phaser Repeaters


Year introduced:

Stone Breaker Offensive


Heavy Assault
Area Defense
Zone Support


Breaker Goliath Tanks are a unique Goliath Tank variant deployed by the Stone Breakers. Just like its counterpart, it is capable of using its wide arsenal, unusually high mobility and tough armor plating to hammer its enemies at all ranges, but it has been modified to fit the Stone Breakers' purpose as a last-resort military force.


Breaker Goliath Tanks have a more specialized arsenal that their regular counterparts, and so they have been refined to be more dangerous than ever before.

Nuclear Blast Cannon[edit]

To start, its main turret is capable of firing nuclear warheads that have a massive blast radius, which leaves a giant radiation cloud upon detonation. Players who enter this radiation cloud will be inflicted with a radiation effect, where they will take heavy and rapid damage over time, be unable to recover their health, and cause them to leave behind a radiation trail that will spread the effect to others.

Heavy Slug Throwers[edit]

Breaker Tanks are also equipped with Heavy Slug Throwers in place of the standard machine guns. Their rate of fire, accuracy, and damage are akin to that of Valus Ta'aurc's, and as such will tear Guardians to shreds if they do not evade these guns' line of fire. They will appear in the same places that the standard machine guns usually appear: two on the front and one on the main turret.

Missile Swarm Launchers[edit]

Additionally, they are equipped with missile launchers that have a higher rate of fire, ammo count, and muzzle velocity than the regular ones. They will launch up to 12 missiles in the air at once and will track their targets incredibly quickly to make short work of them. They will leave a small circle of fire upon detonation.

Shrapnel Flak Turrets[edit]

On occasion, flak turrets will launch explosive shells into the air, but when they explode, they will create shrapnel that will indefinitely bounce off of hard surfaces. If these shrapnel fragments ever hit a Guardian, they will deal massive damage and because of the heat and bladed edges they have gathered, they will cause their targets to bleed if it hits directly.

Extra Weapon Systems[edit]

Breaker Goliath Tanks come with three extra weapon systems: poison grenades, flamethrowers, and phaser repeaters that function similarly to the Thunderbolt Colossus's Phaser Cannons. The poison grenades that are dispensed will leave a poison cloud upon detonation. This poison cloud will drain the health of its victims and the flamethrowers, with their 50-foot range, will melt Guardians in the blink of an eye. Phaser repeaters will continuously fire high-impact charges at their targets, punching through their health in seconds.

Additional Features[edit]

Just like its regular counterpart, they can perform a forward charge while deploying trip mines. This attack remains as deadly as ever because there are two ways to be killed: either from the tank itself acting a battering ram, or the trip mines planted down area denial. However, it has a couple of extra abilities. Using more powerful thrusters, Breaker Goliath Tanks even have limited flight capabilities, allowing them to reach targets that have taken the high ground. When it lands, it will create a massive shockwave that will instantly kill anyone in its radius. In addition, every minute or so, they will mark the position of a random Guardian via tracking device, summoning all Cabal in the vicinity to go after that Guardian. In order to avoid this debuff you must break line of sight with the tank. Every so often, it will deploy a trapping device on one Guardian at random, detaining them and draining them of their health. These trappers must be destroyed to break free.


Fortunately, these tanks, as tough as they are, are not invincible. Their thrusters are still a weak point and take bonus damage. In fact, it is crucial to set all of the thrusters on fire so that the tank cannot use its flight capabilities. In addition, a select few of their weapon systems can be destroyed if they take enough damage.