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Haunting of the Moon


Arrival of the Black Fleet

The Almighty Crisis












Red Legion:

  • House of Dusk

  • Hidden Swarm

  • Descendants

Last City


  • Hundreds of Fallen

  • Thousands of Hive

  • Thousands of Vex platforms
  • Hundreds of Simulated Fallen
  • One Guardian trapped inside the Almighty
  • Dozens of Frames
  • The Almighty
  • Several Time Wardens
  • Thousands of Cabal
  • Thousands of Fallen

  • Thousands of Hive

  • Thousands of Vex platforms
  • Hundreds of Simulated Fallen
Civilian casualties



"The Red Legion has one last play. They've boarded their superweapon the Almighty. And it's on the move. You already destroyed its starkilling munitions. But whatever the Legion hopes to achieve… won't end well for us."
— Commander Zavala

The Almighty Crisis was a brief but potentially cataclysmic event between the Guardians of the Last City and the desperate Cabal Red Legion. It was the concurrent conflict to Season of Dawn and Season of the Worthy.


Despite suffering from desertions after the years following the Red War, the Red Legion began to make a reappearance some time following the Nightmare Hunts and the Vex's Offensives on the Moon. As a result of the Undying Mind's final destruction, the Timeways over Mercury have become undone, allowing anyone access into the Corridors of Time. A family of Psion Flayers took notice of this and sought to use such power to their advantage. Taking control of the Red Legion's remaining forces, the Psion Sisters commandeered the device called the Sundial, a creation of Osiris', in attempt to assume control over time itself. Their goal in using Osiris' creation was to alter time itself. As in, undo their defeat in the Red War at the hands of the Guardians. However, Osiris learned of the Red Legion's activities and, refusing to allow the timeways to be perverted, summons the Guardians to combat the Red Legion.


The SundialEdit

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For weeks, the Guardians battled the Red Legion's forces, using the Sundial to confront and defeat the Psion Flayer masterminds, the sisters Niruul, the Hollow Voice, Ozletc, the Sky Piercer and Tazaroc, the Sun Eater. However, refusing to be defeated so easily, the three sisters combined together, creating Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, to defeat the Guardians. Despite Inotam's power, the Guardians prevailed, stopping the Red Legion from assuming control over time itself and undoing the Guardians victory in the Red War.

Swearing revenge for the death of her sisters, the fourth, last and youngest of the remaining Psion Flayers, Amtec, established herself as the last remaining leader of the Red Legion in Sol. Wanting the complete obliteration of the Last City, she had the Legion board the Almighty and scuttle it, aiming it on a collision course with the Last City.

Boarding the AlmightyEdit

"What a time to be alive. I don't think anyone has ever thrown a spaceship at us before, so that's new."
— Ana Bray

Alerted by the Almighty's sudden change of orbit over Mercury and the massive superweapon now on the move, Ana Bray and Commander Zavala boarded the star-destroying vessel to discern the reason as to these happenings. Infiltrating the station, Ana made her way to the engine room while Zavala fought to the bridge. She discovered three Psions within the control room and told Zavala to wait a moment as he tried to contact her. Drawing her knives, Ana engaged the Psions, swiftly killing all of them. Ana then noticed the Cabal had destroyed the central manifold, crippling the Almighty's maneuvering thrusters. An explosion then rocked the station soon afterward and Ana quickly identified it as coming from the propulsion deck and that the Cabal had now destroyed the primary engine. She asked if Zavala had secured the bridge yet, and he told her to wait just a moment. Once he had taken it, Zavala informed Ana that the Cabal had also destroyed the Almighty's navigation system, leaving the ship hurtling through space with no way to change course. Ana was confused about why the Cabal had done all this and wondered what the Cabal's motive was, but Zavala then discovered that the Red Legion had set the station on a collision course for the Last City.[1]

Activating the Seraph SitesEdit

" Guardians. The Almighty is plummeting towards the Last City... and we have no way to stop it."
— Commander Zavala

Realizing that the Last City does not have the ordnance to destroy or alter The Almighty's course, Ana suggests that their only hope was to gain the cooperation of the only entity that may have the power to save their home: Rasputin. Though Zavala remained adamant that the ancient Warmind cannot be trusted, noting its priorities have changed in the past, Ana believes they don't have a choice, which the Titan Vanguard reluctantly complies with. Relaying her plan to The Guardian, Ana suggests they speak with Rasputin directly at his core to plead their case with him. After driving back a Red Legion force with Rasputin's weaponized Frames and speaking with Rasputin, the Warmind agrees to help the Guardians to find a way to stop The Almighty.[2] To begin, Rasputin directs the Guardians to a hidden bunker within the EDZ and connect it with his system mainframe. Ana Bray and Zavala arrive at the bunker first and encounter a House of Dusk raiding party. As Zavala holds off the Dusk Fallen, Ana works on a terminal to make a connection with Rasputin, but fortune arrives in the Guardian who manages to slay the raiding party leader and drives the rest of the Fallen away. As Ana gets closer to making a connection between the bunker's mainframe with Rasputin's, Zavala once again voices his distrust in the Warmind. Ana defends Rasputin, stating they are on the same side and that Zavala needs only faith. Zavala remains unconvinced but says that between her and Ana, he would put his faith in her. Once their discussion is over, Ana is successful in establishing a connection with Rasputin, restoring power to the Seraph Bunker and allowing Rasputin to develop weapons for the Guardians and activate Seraph Towers in the region.[3]

Later on, Ana travels to Luna to reactivate the Seraph Bunker there but encounters heavy Hive resistance. Fortunately, she holds the Hive off long enough for the Guardian to arrive and provide backup, allowing her to finish them off with a Blade Barrage. With the Hive eliminated, Ana works on connecting the bunker to Rasputin as the Guardian stood watch. As she worked, Ana discussed how she knew many other Guardians talked behind her back and accused her of selfishly being a Bray first and Guardian second. She revealed that the work she was doing away from the City with Rasputin was not just about uncovering her past, but searching for useful technologies from the Golden Age, including medicine, construction materials, disease-resistant crops, and even the Deep Stone Crypt, all for the benefit of humanity. However, Ana admitted that this was done under the assumption that Zavala and the Vanguard would not need her help and that she now realized there was more she could have done. As she finished connecting Rasputin to the bunker, Ana transmatted out of the bunker and returned to Mars.[4]

Fourth HorsemanEdit

" There's a reason the Cabal want to take this weapon from us."
— Commander Zavala

When The Fourth Horseman was stolen from the Vanguard vaults, the Guardian visited Ana to gain aid in tracking it down. She was shocked that someone had managed to break through the security of the vault but based on the weapon she had one guess for who was responsible: the Cabal, as it was designed to be the ultimate Cabal slayer. She directed the Guardian to hunt down Cabal across Mars and gather data from them on recent Cabal activity. The data the Guardian collected worried Ana, as it pointed to the Shadows of Calus being involved in the theft. She suggested the Guardian hunt down Psions who were working as double agents for Emperor Calus within the Red Legion. It was later discovered the old co-conspirator and daughter to Calus, Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial was also involved in the Fourth Horseman's theft and had employed the use of Red Legionnaires in assassinating the Shadows and storing the weapon in The Quarry Lost Sector. It would later be retrieved by the Guardian who fought through the stationed Cabal forces.[5]

Guardian GamesEdit

Despite the current situation, Zavala decides to set up a colourful event of friendly competition in the form of the titular Guardian Games in an attempt to help alleviate the stress of these circumstances and keep morale steady. After speaking with Eva and Zavala, Guardians will compete with each other not only to win prizes, such as new items, gear and weapons, but for the bragging rights to see which class of Guardian is the greatest, superior, and/or most favoured.[6] The event was met with both hope and distate by commoners, people, and Guardians alike due to the timing and nature of the event.

Sister's VengeanceEdit

The Almighty's final moments.

"The Almighty has been reduced to smoldering ash thanks to you... and Rasputin."
— Commander Zavala

Mere days before the Almighty was slated to crash into the Last City, Rasputin began bombarding the Almighty using the satellites that Guardians had assisted in rearming during the prior months. This barrage of weapons fire continued for a full hour where they continued pelting the shield of the superweapon, until the Almighty finally began to break up and explode once its core was struck in a spectacular fashion, crashing into the side of a mountain outside the City, unleashing a large shockwave, and ending the legacy of the superweapon. Despite this, its wings still hung in the orbit of Earth for a few more hours until falling where debris continues to rain down. Its debris struck the Tower causing some minor damage towards the back end of the Eververse shop. The Tower was unscathed without considering the minor hits it took

Despite Amtec's efforts, her scheme ended in a blazing wreck that left her vengeance unfulfilled and the Red Legion completely weakened and lost. However, it is unconfirmed if Amtec died in the Almighty's explosion or remains alive. In the wake of the Almighty falling, the Legion entered an even more drastic state of desperation and in time began to be rallied by Caiatl. It is unknown if Amtec, due to her unconfirmed death, leads the remains of the Legion.

Roughly a week after The Almighty's destruction, the Witness and the Black Fleet would arrive in the Solar System.


  • The Almighty Live Event in a pop up screen overlay in-game was named "Sister's Vengeance". This is an obvious reference to Amtec attempting to avenge her dead Sisters.

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