Search for Nezarec's Relics

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Severing of the Nightmares


Battle of the War Gods

Search for Nezarec's Relics
Search for Nezarec Relics.jpg


War against the Witness


Themis Cluster
Rathmore Chaos, Europa
Cosmodrome, Earth
Arcadian Valley, Nessus



Forces of the Coalition





House of Light:

House of Spider:

House of Salvation/Old Crews:

Cabal Deserters:

Lucent Brood:

  • Thousands of Guardians
  • Spider's Crew and Associates

House of Salvation:

  • Lords of the Old Crews and their assets
  • Countless Fallen

Cabal Deserters:

  • Pirate Lords and their assets
  • Hundreds of Cabal

Lucent Brood:

  • Several of Spider's associates
  • All Pirate Lords
  • Thousands of Fallen

  • Hundreds of Cabal Deserters
  • Dozens of Hive
  • Ei Arat and Hiak'ar

Mithrax: "Eramis has broken free. Her name still carries weight. The old crews now rally under command"
Eido: "The old crews! I've read about them: the Ketchkillers and Skiffblades, the... what is the Human word?"
Drifter: "Pirates."
— Mithrax, Eido, and Drifter discovering that Eramis is freed from her Stasis prison.

The Search for Nezarec's Relics was an unsanctioned operation conducted by Coalition forces House of Light and House of Spider in an attempt to secure the relics of Nezarec, Final God of Pain before Eramis and her forces could. Led by The Drifter, Mithrax, Kell of Light, and The Spider, with assistance from Eido and Saint-14, The Guardian would begin expeditions into the far reaches of of inner system and beyond in a quest to find and secure the relics.


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