Final Wish (mission)

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Mission: Sunder



Final Wish


Season of the Wish




Dreaming City


Conjure Riven to grant Savathûn's Wish

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This article is about the Final Wish mission. For quest with the same name, see Final Wish.

Final Wish is the first mission of Season of the Wish. To grant Savathûn's Wish, Mara Sov would send the Guardian to assist in reawakening Riven's spirit, so she can grant them the wish.


  • Enter the Dreaming City
  • Find Riven's Resting Place
  • Collect Riven's Tooth
  • Find the Techeuns
  • Drop off Riven's Tooth
  • Make the Wish


Queen Mara Sov: Guardian, my Techeuns are preparing a spell to conjure Riven's spirit, so that she can grant Savathûn's wish.

Mara Sov: However, the Vex of the Sol Divisive have laid siege to the Keep of Voices in an attempt to halt our efforts.

Mara Sov: I must call upon you to defend the Dreaming City once again. Petra and Crow will guide your path.

Mission begins
The Guardian arrives at the entrance of the Keep of Voices, with Awoken Queensguard standing by

Petra Venj: Apologies for not rolling out of the red carpet. I've been… preoccupied.

The Crow: Haven't we all? What's our situation?

Petra Venj: The Techuens evacuated the Keep with Riven's Heart. The Vex have since fortified their position.

The Crow: Then let's cut them down, and take back what's ours.

The Guardian enters the Keep, arriving at the Hall of Two Souls
The Guardian defeats Vex, including a Gatekeeper Minotaur, destroying the shield blocking the entrance

Petra Venj: A good start, but there are more Vex gathered around Riven's remains. The Techeuns need a fragment of those remains to cast their spell.

The Crow: A spell to conjure Riven's spirit. Are you sure about this Petra?

Petra Venj: I'm sure that I trust my Queen’s judgement.

The Guardian takes a tractor beam to go further up the fortress
The Guardian confronts Vex
The Guardian defeats a Gatekeeper Wyvern and destroys the shield blocking the entrance

The Crow: Time to visit Riven's corpse. A shame I wasn't around to see the killing blow.

Petra Venj: We never should have done it. She set a trap, and we-I-walked right into it. My desire for revenge blinded me to her schemes.

The Crow: Yeah… I know the feeling.

The Guardian enters the Queenswalk, entering the room with Riven's remains, guarded by Vex

The Crow: Whatever they're doing, you'd better put a stop to it.

The Guardian defeats the Vex

Petra Venj: That got their attention. Don't let them near Riven!

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
Vex appear
The Guardian defeats the Vex

Petra Venj: That's the last of them. Retrieve the fragment and bring it back to the chamber. I'll hail Queen Mara.

The Guardian collects Riven's tooth
Further Vex appear
The Guardian retreats back to the Techeuns

Queen Mara Sov: Well done, Guardian. Deliver what the Techeuns require and they will open a portal to the Wall of Wishes, as they begin to conjure Riven.

The Guardian places the Tooth into a blazier

Queen Mara Sov: Your Deepsight will reveal Savathûn's wish. Once Riven grants it, we can at last pursue the Witness.

The Guardian enters a portal, taking them to the Wall of Wishes
The Guardian interacts with a Deepsight orb, revealing Savathûn's Wish
The Guardian enters the correct symbols

Queen Mara Sov: Hear me Riven! Savathûn's final wish, inscribed in secrecy, has been invoked by the Guardian!

Queen Mara Sov: Grant it now, and feast upon the difference between desire and reality!

Riven: Such a long slumber. Such a rude awakening. Grant the Witch Queen's final wish, you say?

Riven: I… refuse.

(Cutscene Begins)

Mara Sov arrives to where the Techeuns are containing Riven's spirit

Queen Mara Sov: Leave us.

The Techeuns leave
The Spirit of Riven appears

Riven: Ah, Queen Mara. What a joyous reunion.

Queen Mara Sov: For what reason do you refuse to grant the wish?

Riven: Why would I, O majesty mine? Lest you forget…

Riven: …I am dead. As are the rest of my kind. The Vanguard made sure of that.

Riven: I need no reason to refuse your wish. Only a reason to grant it.

Riven: What could you possibly offer to entice my cooperation.

Riven: It wasn't enough for your champions to slay me. But then, you saw the destruction of all my eggs. Well…

Riven: Not… ALL of them.

Queen Mara Sov: Like the one in Savathûn's Spire.

Riven: [chuckles] One of many. Hidden within my lair, away from your vengeful eyes.

Riven: But if you were to secure them on my behalf… then you would also secure your heart's desire.

Queen Mara Sov: And ensure that the Ahamkara live to terrorize us once again.

Queen Mara Sov: Very well, Riven.

Queen Mara Sov: We have struck a bargain.

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Final Wish}


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