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Season of the Wish




Riven's Lair, Dreaming City


Retrieve Riven's egg

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Synchysis is a mission in the Wishing All the Best quest of Season of the Wish


  • Traverse the Lair and Slay What Lurks Within
    • Potral opened
  • Reach the next pathway
  • Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room
    • Plates activated: X of 3
  • Escape Through the Portal
  • Light the Torches
    • Torches lit
      • X of 3
  • Survive the Final wave
  • Reach the Catacombs Through the Portal
    • Enter the portal
  • Dispatch Wardweavers
    • Wardweavers dispatched
      • X of 3
  • Dispatch Roln'gur, Blade-Bound to the Terrace
  • Retrieve the egg for Riven


Petra Venj: Guardian, we have reason to believe the next egg could be in danger. Taken corruption has infected the Confluence.

Queen Mara Sov: It's being drawn in through a breach between Eleusinia and the Dreaming City. I feel it.

Queen Mara Sov: This is not a disorganized swarm. It is a concerted attack.

Petra Venj: Maybe they've rallied around a field leader. One the Guardian can target to scatter them to the winds.

Queen Mara Sov: Find them, my Wrath, and see it done.

Mission begins
The Guardian arrives at Riven's Lair

Riven: Vermin in my lair. Their wants echo on my walls. They wish to corrupt my kin!

Riven: They do not heed my will, or know me; I cannot restrain their hunger.

Petra Venj: You never did. I kept them in check.

Riven: I can feel your desire, Petra Venj, Wrath of the Queen.

Riven: You walk these sullied halls and see your stagnant years of toil.

Riven: It is like a game, isn't it? One you simply must continue testing. Why not let me help you? I can free us.

Petra Venj: I'd rather fight another thousand cycles and watch you starve.

Riven: So prickly, Petra. You Awoken never trust my good intentions… Pity.

The Guardian opens and enters a portal, taking them to the Crossing
The Guardian arrives at and enters a portal, taking them to the Splintered Geode

Petra Venj: They've blighted the air itself.

Riven: Your queen is correct. Corruption bleeds into the city from her throne. A poisoned reign, built on the edge of envenomed knives.

Riven: Why risk slipping? You wish the Dreaming City safe? To walk your realm again? Scrawl it on your wall, if you must, and let me make it real.

Queen Mara Sov: You cannot tempt us with shadows.

Riven: I would tempt you with anything to protect my whims.

The Guardian defeats Taken and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Cell of the Sycophant
Taken appear

Petra Venj: These braziers stabilize the pathways of the Confluence-much like Ascendant beacons in the Ley Lines.

Petra Venj: They'll need to be relit, and the Taken hold their fuel.

The Guardian defeats Ravenous Taken Wizards, retrieving the fuel, and lighting the three flames
Flamequeller Centurion appears
The Guardian defeats the Flamequeller Centurion and the Hordes of Taken

Riven: You've helped me, my species will live on because of you. Why not forgive me like you have the prince? We can help each other more.

Petra Venj: Every Corsair I've watched die, knowing it was coming. Your help would be a mockery of their sacrifice.

Riven: We both want our kind to be free. Simply say it. Gratitude is all we wish to hear from Riven this day.

Queen Mara Sov: Silence! Each of your thousand tongues be still

Riven: My thanks, you have.

A portal opens, the Guardian enters taking them to Fetid Conduit
The Guardian defeats Taken and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Lararium
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
The Guardian confronts Roln'gur, Blade-Bound to the Terrace

Riven: There it is, the beast that hunts my young! Erase this intruder from my lair!

Petra Venj: So, the Taken do have a field commander.

Petra Venj: Harness their power against them! Shatter its sheild!

The Guardian kills the three Wardweavers, breaking Roln'gur's shield
The Guardian defeats Roln'gur
The Guardian retrieves Riven's egg, now corrupted by Taken energy

Queen Mara Sov: A Knight bearing Xivu Arath's mark. She must still hold sway over the Taken.

Petra Venj : But not all of them. Whatever the Guardians did to her… her power must be waning.

Riven: My egg, what has become of my whim?

Petra Venj: It is polluted by the Taken's corruption, but intact.

Riven: [wails] You recover one of my brood only to let another suffer! For YOUR cause!

Riven: And for this you demand gratitude?

Queen Mara Sov: Contain yourself-we have the egg.

Queen Mara Sov: Petra, Guardian. Return with it, and I will see if its corruption can be reversed.

{End Mission:Synchysis}